Myrtille Epi Speedy... suggestions :)

  1. Hi everybody!
    I just got a Myrtille (Blue) Epi Speedy... I was wondering if you had any suggestions for matching it with clothes.. Thanks a lot!
  2. i think it would look great with jeans!
  3. I love this color it will look great with any outfits
  4. Congratulations, the Myrtille is such a pretty color. The best way of finding out what colors the bag compliments would be to model a couple of outfits in front of the mirror while you are holding the bag. That's what I do!
  5. Congrats! I love this color! It will go well swith so many things. White, black, khaki, jeans of course...but also brown...but my favorite possiblities are yellow in spring / summer and grey in fall/winter. Yum!
  6. I think you could pair that color with just about everything .... black, khaki, jeans, white, winter white.
  7. i also think the color is lovely. i never thought myrtille will goes well with jeans cos blue and blue sounds too much. but in fact the color looks so look with jeans so i think u will look good in whatever color, black, white, yellow....etc
  8. Congrats! I agree with the others that it will go with most anything.
  9. It's a realatively easy color to match with outfits IMO. It looks great with jeans!
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