Myrtille Blue VS. Toledo Blue?

  1. I think it's Toledo blue:


    Myrtille blue:

  2. yup, thats just what I thought...yours is Toledo blue!
  3. It looks like Toledo blue. The Myrtille is not as bright, more subdued.
  4. :flowers: Thank you for solving my guys help so much I really apprecite it all. Thanks a bunch!:tender:
  5. It's definetely toledo blue because your speedy is from 90's and has flap pocket. Newer style and color blue (myrtille) doesn't come with flap pocket only inside pocket.
  6. I :heart: the toledo blue ... gorgeous speedy, and a great deal!
  7. So the newer epi speedys don't have an exterior patch pocket?:sad:
  8. It is toledo blue, I had it on my watch list and e-mailed the seller a couple of days ago.
  9. Thanks! I also had to e-mail the seller about what size it was...;)