myrtille blue Epi

  1. what do you think of this color?

    wardrobe wise, do you think this will match up with all clothing colors? do you think it's too casual?

    i like the subtleness of the color, not too vivid like the red, but is the color wearable? i'm debating between this in the speedy 25 or the black.
  2. I think it is such a beautiful color! I am saving up for a speedy 25. I think the color goes perfectly with jeans without being too matchy. It's such a rich and deep shade and not too bright so it can work as a neutral.
  3. Myrtille is one of the best colours IMO, it's actually my fave.
    I think this colour can be both casual and dressy and will work either way.
  4. I think it is a very classy looking bag. I am actually having this put on hold at the LV Boutique in speedy and alma and I'll decide which one when I get there.:P
  5. I love my myrtille epi speedy....

    Here's a pict
  6. ^^^ your bags are gorgeous...
    I think myrtille a great color. It's not eye popping like red... very conservative IMO
  7. WOw, that's a pretty color! Congrats!
  8. Babyhart, I think the myrtille blue epi color is very pretty and versatile. I have it in the Segur pochette. It looks really cute with jeans, tans, kakis, white, etc.. It's a nice pop of color (but not too much). Kittynui's pic of her Myrtille Speedy is gorgeous. Go for it! :smile:
  9. Btw, is that the myrtille or the blue Epi in the pic?
    I've seen both live and they are 2 totally different blue shades. Both are beautiful colours.

    There has also been a shade called Toledo which is a slightly lighter blue one with some turquoise.

    The myrtille (blueberry) is more of a marine bluish shade. Please see pic below. :smile:
    EPI-Speedy25 myrtille 590EUR.jpg
  10. hey ladies, i decided on the myrtille blue speedy 25. i really like it, actually more than the black epi speedy, which didn't have enough umpf to it. by the way, the black one i looked at had gold HW, one of the last ones to have it before it all changes to the silver. LV Manhasset.

    as soon as i got it this morning, i put it to use ( i had to handcarry my essentials to the store!), running errands with it, seeing the color in different lights, and i really like. i'm not usually a fan of blue bags, but this one is pretty. i like the LV stamp subtleness.

    oh by the way, i had to go to my daughter's dentist, and another woman there with her two toddler daughters was using the blue Denim Baggy GM, and it looks like she's had it for a while b/c of the deep color on the vachetta handles. but it looked fantastic on her. very comfortable.
  11. It's the myrtille blue, but my camera's flash make it looks brighter!
  12. Well, that explains it. :flowers:
    Anyway it looks beautiful both dark and bright. :yes:
  13. kittynui ~ Love Your Bags!!! :smile: Red Is Always My Favorite....The Myrtille Is Gorgeous As Well!!!!! :smile:
  14. 0o0o0o0o0o BLUE!!! i love blue... its my fav colour!!!
  15. That is got to be one of the prettiest Epi colors!!!:tender: