Myra's bags (aka mycarryon)

  1. Here are the Italians: IMGP5223.jpg
    I've got 2 BV's, a Bally, and the rest are all Gucci's.
    Here are the French: IMGP5228.jpg
    Just 3 LV's and 2 Chanel's.
  2. Here is my eclectic growing collection. :heart: I divide them by the French: (only 2 Chanels & 3 LVs)
    I'm so proud of this one:

    & the Italians: (2 BVs, a Bally, and the rest are Guccis)
    :p LOL!
  3. Thanks for posting!
  4. Thanks for posting!
  5. I love your chanels!!
  6. Love all of them! (no joke) Great taste, thanks for posting!
  7. Love the Chanels and brown leather Gucci!
  8. Great collection!

    I love your metallic Chanel! It's very unique. I am usually not drawn to classic Chanel flaps, but yours is gorgeous!
  9. Very nice collection :tup:
  10. Thanks! If you're referring to the Britt, believe it or not, I got that beauty at Filene's basement for $699! And it's selling on Gucci's website for $1295 now. I think the reason it was marked down so much was that the stitching around the GG's aren't as well done, but it's a subtle difference. Heck, I'll take a slightly imperfect bag to save $600! :yahoo:
  11. love your collection!
  12. AMAZING Chanels and LVs!
  13. Love the metallic Chanel and the Pomme Vernis.... :drool: ... Fab collection!
  14. Great collection! I love your chanels. Thank for sharing! :smile:
  15. Great collection!