1. I paid mypoupette to autheticate a gucci bag for methat i purchased on eBay that was almost 2 weeks ago. No answer,no email. Their online help has been offline for over a week. I am really pissed but don't know what to do. I have emailed them numerous times.:cursing:
  2. sadly ...I hope you not another victim..

    thats horrible - I know how frustration that is.
    I was ripped off and so were two of my friends.
    Its a total shady operation.
    I only recommend Carol diva for authentications - shes great.
  3. Join the club! I had them authenticate a Chanel bag for me and had the same problem. I waited and waited then emailed and received no reply. I called, left a message and finally got a call back. I talked to the lady and couldn't tell if they had decided on the bag and just weren't going to let me know or if they never looked at it at all because she seemed suprised when she realized what bag I was talking about. She then proceeded to tell me on the phone that it looked okay but that there was no way to tell for sure so if I wanted to know for sure I could send it to Chanel for cleaning. If it was fake they'd send it back and wouldn't work on it. Yeah, so I already knew that! I thought the whole point was that they would tell you if it was authentic or not, not just take a stab at it. I could do that! I bought it because I thought it looked authentic. I knew I could bring it in for a cleaning, but it was in perfect condition and would take 8-10 weeks, so why would I? I was thoroughly disappointed in them and would never use their service again or recommend it to anyone. Waste of money in my book. The girls on TPF's authentication threads are much better, faster and free!
  4. Thanks for reply
    Can you tell me their phone number. If they can not deliver I want my money back. thay have a nerve to increase their fee but have bad customer service
  5. Use Carol Diva instead. she is very responsive and wonderful to work with!!
  6. OMG, let me tell you about the hellll that I had with mypoupette... they take sooo long to authenticate and then they say that bags are real when infact the LV store demands that theyre fake....... ugh, this happened with 1 bag and wallet..
  7. What a shame...I, too, have been an unhappy Mypoupette customer. I sent a picture of a wallet and I took forever for them to reply and only after I had sent another email asking what was going on!
  8. They took a really long time authenticating for me, too, and I ended up getting the same item authenticated by CarolDiva (in about a day). I kept emailing My Poupette, and even left a message at their phone number. They _finally_ sent me an answer, but it was not a quick turnaround.
  9. I think its a double slap in the face because she promotes trust - which she does not deliver!
    That pretty low life!
  10. I heard that after Carol left mypoupette, it got slower and less accurate for authentications. Carol made her site, so you can always use that for authentication.
  11. Bad experience here as well!! Over 3 weeks after I paid, I received a one sentence email saying that it looked like it might be fake, but she wasn't certain. Luckily, I was able to point out all of the issues and the seller refunded, but it was horrible to feel cheated by the fake bag, and then to be taken advantage of by the authentification service as well:tdown:
  12. I've had the same experience. The only way to get them to actually do any work seems to be calling them and talking to someone live. I've called to do a chargeback of my $5. Seems piddling, but it's the principal of the thing!!
  13. Well I don't think anyone with a sliver of integrity could be part of the POOPette
  14. hey... thxs for the info....i wa about to seek their help..:tdown:
  15. :roflmfao: Too funny!