MyPoupette question

  1. Im just curious and this has been a thought in my head... for anyone here who is familiar with Mypoupette each of the bags the resellers sell on ebay go thru MyPoupette inspection? Or MyPoupette assume that these resellers can be trusted ? Just curious if any bags fall in the crack, and if so, are these resellers removed from MyPoupette trusted lists?

    Any feedback will be very much appreciated...
  2. From what I've heard, being a MyPoupette reseller doesn't really mean anything, and certainly doesn't necessarily mean all items are authentic.
  3. it just means that they have to abide by the mypoupette standards. the bags does not go through any verification just by the sellers opinion
  4. That makes perfectly sense. I just dont see any way MyPoupette could authenticate each and every item on Ebay, specifically the one who has their logos. Hmmn....thanks for your comments.
  5. Funny you should ask that because a MPRS (I can PM the name to anyone who wants it) Was just caught selling a fake LV with a date code of KH (WTF?) two days ago. The auction was removed and MP did nothing.
  6. Use the search at the top of the forum, you will find several threads on this topic.
  7. Hey Allison, can you PM me that MPRS. Thanks.