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  1. Has anyone heard of this website or bought from it? Good or bad?

  2. This website is Not authentic, do not buy anything.

    They only sell fake items.
  3. Judging from their Web site, they're selling fake designer bags - but they admit it. My questions: Is this illegal in any way? Is this immoral? Is there a difference between "replica" and "counterfeit"? I'm not interested in their products, but is it wrong for somebody to buy a cheap replica Fendi and hope her friends won't notice the difference? I have no idea if they're using sweatshop laborers, but plenty of legitimate designers don't exactly pay their workers handsome salaries. Just wondering about all this . . .
  4. ^^^ Selling counterfeit products is a federal crime. Counterfeit is counterfeit. If it uses trademarked logos, it is counterfeit. The people who produce these products are criminals. They are often involved in organized crime syndicates. Some of them even use the fake bags to traffic drugs or launder drug money. Do you want to give your money to this type of activity?
  5. No, I don't approve of this activity, and I don't knowingly support it, but how does a site like this get away with it? They've got a high-visibility, flashy Internet site. Do they just operate until the law catches up with them? Or are they smart enough to operate within the legal boundaries?
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    Um, weird much????

    I have no clue. Do a Google search for Louis Vuitton, or any other high end designer for that matter, and watch how many replica sites come up. There are no "legal boundaries" for replica sites; copyright infringement is a crime and there are no loopholes. How all these sites exist is absolutely beyond me, but it really is disgusting. Every time I see a girl with a fake bag, it literally makes me cringe. Honestly, do they think they are fooling anyone? Especially with bags that a designer never even made - disgusting! Bleh!
  7. There are no legal boundaries for selling counterfeit goods. Even though the counterfeit industry funnels money to some serious criminal activity, catching people that sell fake goods is very low on law enforcement's list of priorities. They could operate for a long time before any measures are taken to shut them down.