mymj groovee satchel

  1. does anyone have this bag? i bought the hillier hobo (black) last week and was contemplating exchanging it for the groovee satchel (black) instead. i found the hobo to be a bit hard to use (without the long strap)... i think i need a bag with two straps and i am not too crazy about it in black. i think i would have preferred it in mouse grey, but i really need a black bag. also, are the straps long enough to put over the shoulder for the satchel?

    either that or i'm going to just exchange the hillier to a mouse grey one and wait to get the turnlock bowler in black.
  2. Hillier is so beautiful ... specially in mouse grey ... but groovee satchel is beautifull as well ... oh ... what a doubt! hehehe.
  3. I LOVE the Groovee Satchel! It fits tons and fits nicely in hand or on shoulder IMO! I just saw one in Nice Tan in AZ and had to really talk myself out of getting it because it is from last season so I'll probably never see it again:crybaby:... but I have to focus because I reeeally want my Cherry Tart ZC:love: (and a Bbag... hopefully I don't get in trouble for that one... hee-hee...)
  4. i love both bags, but I feel that the groovee satchel is more versatile btwn the two. however, if you are contemplating btwn black in both styles, I really like the hillier in black more.
  5. I agree with Kitcat.. I LOVE the Groovee satchel, in fact I have it in Dark Brown and it's one of my favorites but I never really liked it in black.. one of it's best features is the two-toned rich leather and that gets lost in the flat black color. It really shines in the Dark Brown and the "nice tan".. The Hillier is better in black.. BUT if you are also thinking of the bowler- well I think THAT is the best bag to get in black!
    Hope this helps!
  6. i think i am leaning towards getting the satchel in mouse grey and waiting for the black bowler!
  7. i love the dark brown satchel... but i think it's sold out everywhere. i think the mouse grey is really pretty too and i've been thinking about the satchel ever since i saw it when i bought the hiller.
  8. I am looking for the Groovee Satchel in a Chocolate Brown or Nice Tan. I just returned the Hillier in Mouse to NM today, as it just did not seem to fit me well for an everyday bag. It is still a great bag, though!! Do you mind telling me where you saw it in Tan in AZ? I would greatly appreciate the info.
  9. i ended up keeping the black hillier. the satchel just wasn't for me. i really wanted the hillier in mouse grey and wish i got it when it was still there. the sales associate at bloomingdales said they're completely out of stock. also, in case anyone is interested... they have the new hillier in a tannish brown (saddle?)... it looked a lot bigger than the black or chalk white though which was kind of odd.
  10. the chocolate brown just popped up on today!
  11. Thank you so much, but I missed it. It is back to shipping "within 42 days". Darn....