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    [FONT=Times New Roman,Times,Serif]* Sale ends Midnight, Nov. 25, 2007[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman,Times,Serif]* Coupon Savings can not be combined with other discounts/coupons[/FONT]
    [FONT=Times New Roman,Times,Serif]* Coupon can not be applied towards Preorder items or Charlee Kat*z Hats * Discount can not be applied to previously placed orders[/FONT]

    </TD></TR><TR><TD style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif" align=left colSpan=2>[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Coupon Code: TAKE10 [/FONT][/FONT]</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

    Use the enclosed 10% Off coupon to make your savings on our already reduced Fall inventory even greater! Almost all of our Fall inventory is on sale now, from 10 - 25% off. With your subscriber only extra 10% coupon, those savings are even more amazing.

    * Should a Fall item not be marked down yet, the 10% coupon will STILL WORK on that item for a 10% savings