Myanmar/Burma Situation

  1. This is a situation I have been following very closely and thought a thread here may have some interest.

    The cliff's notes on this situation, for those unfamiliar, is as follows:

    Approximately 10,000 Buddhist monks and nuns and citizens of the oppressed nation of Myanmar have decided that they have had enough of the brutal military regime that has ruled over them for more than 40 years. This regime has robbed and raped these people of everything precious in their country to the point where there is almost nothing left. They've been staging protests in the streets and staging acts of civil disobedience. The military came in at one point and began brutally beating the monks while BBC crews caught the violence on video.

    The military in the country have tried to squash communication- including cutting off internet and phone lines as of last week. Now communication has pretty much been cut off. Satellites picked up images of villages being burned en masse. This is a catastrophe of pretty large proportions.

    Disturbingly- this situation was barely mentioned at the UN last week when the President of Iran was in NYC with his dog and pony show.


    Watch a BBC report from a couple weeks ago:
  2. I really don't know what to say. I had no idea this was going on because I get most of my news from tv. I think it is sad that this could go on today and even sadder that it is not more publicized.
  3. It is my hope that the Burmese people will be able to determine their own destiny, without the indignity of existing as a political football/client state for the Great Games of larger entities, but realistically I am afraid that that is not a hope that will be realized in the immediate future, neither there nor in several other regions.
  4. Here's an article about the Myanmar situation:

  5. Very disturbing situation indeed. I shudder to think what is actually going on there at the minute.
  6. ^^ Exactly. Here I sit at my computer in my house and god knows what is going on elsewhere. I'm humbled.