My Zippy problem..

  1. I just got my Zippy coin purse back in Nov last yr,it's my first LV. But I just took a look at the zip and realise it's rusting:wtf:

    Is it suppose to be like this? It has not come into contact with water...but I hav no idea why it is like this:crybaby: CAn someone help?
  2. Anyone? Help?
  3. i think you should bring it to the LV boutique and get it repairs there... someone from the forum had the same problem too and she brought hers to the boutique.
    hope it helps
  4. Ok tks...
  5. Anymore suggestions?
  6. where are you located? could it be the weather? humid etc?
  7. Take it into LV and see what they say. I've never experienced this. Doesn't sound right.
  8. Yeah, you should take it to LV and inquire about repair. I hope everything will workout for you.
  9. I agree with everyone else...Bring it in. They should definately do something.
  10. pls update us on what happens! good luck!!
  11. take it to louis
  12. Definitely bring it in - that's not normal..
  13. It should not be rusty or tarnished so soon. Take it in to the boutique, or if it is a type of dirt you might want to polish it. I polish all my locks an zippers when they start looking a bit off.
  14. You definitely got a defective one and you should take it back. I have been using my Zipped Wallet everyday for the last 2 years and the gold has not even gotten discolored yet.