My zipper pull keeps coming off my large MP :(

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  1. When I go to zip the bag closed it has pulled clean off the zipperhead! I even had DH clamp the end with pliers to tighten it but it came off again.:sad: Is there some way I can lubricate the entire zipper so it pulls easier? Suggestions would be wonderful. :smile:
  2. I remember someone said to rub a candle along along the teeth, the wax will help lubricate the zipper. But if the zipperpull becomes an issue, then I would contact MJ and have them take care of it.
  3. Thank you Thithi...I'll try the candle thing. It's quite embaressing when it happens...I didn't thing expensive bags would do that!
  4. Yeah, that is strange! maybe it's too tight.. time will loosen it up.