My Zip Bowler Is Broken!!! Help!!


Aug 1, 2006
I'm so sad right now...:crybaby:

I was at a hockey game tonight and I noticed that the grommet on the bottom of my zip bowler was sliding around on the leather stripes!! I was afraid this would happen after reading:

So I just don't know what to do! I expect to have a perfect product for this amount of money, but MJ boutiques don't take returns! Do you think they'll exchange it? I live in FL, and my DH ordered it directly from the MJ boutique in LA. The hassle of mailing it back, and not being able to see the new one is so annoying! :sad:

Am I overreacting? Help me!! I'm so sad...but also kinda mad...:hysteric:

Overall it's just icky, because I was so excited about this handbag! I'm attaching pics so you guys can see the extent of the damage, as you can see it's not just loose, it's completely come undone. :yucky: Ugh, it just looks tacky!!


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Call LA store and ask to speak to the SA who sold your husband the bag, he/she will take care of you. The problem is not very major, it can be fixed in no time. MJ boutiques have repair people who will do an excellent job.

My friend was able to get her Hudson repaired immediately, the bag only left her for 1 week (from the day she sent it out to the day she received it back); she's happy with their service.
Don't worry marclover, I'm sure MJ will take care of your bag! I would contact the store and let them know the problem. I'm sure it will be repaired in no time. Good luck!
Marclover: Even though MJ boutique's return/exchange policy is very strict, their service is very good. I spoke to the manager before, they take care of their clients if anything happens to items purchased from them. Don't worry, PM me if you need anything. =)

I dropped off one of MJ bags for repair at Barney's, I haven't heard back yet (4 weeks already).
Thanks bag.lover and're both right, I know it will get taken care's just kind of disappointing since it's brand new and I've only carried it a few times. I'll call them and get it in the mail after the New Year.

Thanks again for your encouragement! You guys are the best!
Does the MJ store repair bags that were purchased at Dept. stores? I bought a bronze Stam at Saks and the kiss lock is loose and does not shut. I don't want to attempt fixing it myself of sending it to someone that is not familiar with MJ bags. I am in L.A., so I can bring it to them, but I don't want to attempt it if they have a strict policy about repairing only the bags you purchase at the actual MJ store.

Thanks for the info. I took a look at my Stam and I fixed it myself. The frame was a little off balance, so I pushed them back to make them even and it seems fine. I will be able to gauge how well my do-it-yourself repairs are when I wear the Stam with stuff inside.