My YummY New Goodies!!!

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  1. I had so much fun at LV today!! I bought the mini azur pouchette and the multicolour bandeau!! The mini pleaty I bought a few weeks ago and never posted the pics b4 so....Here they are!!
    the SA who helped me also gave me a catalog of sunnies :heart:
  2. Congratssssssss!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Cool new purchases!!! Congrats! ;)
  5. love the bandeau! congrats!
  6. Thank you Berlyn, pavlova, John & Poutine!! I esp love the bandeau too!! ahhhh i love them all!!!!!!!! I am soooo addicted guys!!!

    New LV Family Pic!!!
  7. Beautiful!!! Everything! I esp love the pleaty. Its so adorable and the scarf on it looks great. Congrats!!!
  8. Thank you LuvLV!! i couldn't believe how cute the scarf looked on it either!!!
  9. Congrats! I just love mini pochettes! Something about that gold chain on little bags ....:biggrin:
  10. congrats on the new goodies! you have a lovely LV family :smile:
  11. Nice, congrats!
  12. I Know Orod!! the gold chain is what really just drove me crazy:nuts: I think I will have to go back for the monogram mini!! i think it would look so nice for a slinky black dress & heels nite!!

    Thank you caley!! i love my little family so much:tender:
  13. gorgeous, you look fantastic!
  14. love your new purchases, great collection too!
  15. Thank you so much Sophia!! :tender: I'm such a bad model..instead of sucking my belly in..i pushed it out:upsidedown:

    Thank you too superstar!!
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