My yummy new bag!

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  1. Hi there,
    We stopped in NY briefly this week for work, and we were parked in front of Kirna Zabete. I was planning to go to BalNY at some point this week (and still might to go wallet hunting), but I have never had a good experience there, so I ducked into Kirna to see what was cooking. Well, 5 minutes later, this is what I walked out with! It was nice for me to make an impulse buy, sometimes I spend months deciding what Bal to buy and I overthink it. I am loving this, my first giant hardware AND my first non-neutral or black! I am realizing that since I wear black or brown most of the time anyway, the green is a nice pop of color. So happy!

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  2. oooh i like it!!! :yes: :drool:

    what is it? vert thyme w/GSH... or is it pine?? i cant tell lol.
  3. Wow! That bag is just gorgeous and you are even more gorgeous!! So happy for you and you didn't have to agonize over it!!:woohoo:
  4. Like verty, I like it too...the GH sets off the colour really nicely.

    I also think it could be VT! CONGRATS!!! :woohoo:
  5. congrats! it's gorgeous
  6. love it thyme?
  7. Thyme indeed! It's a lighter green than it photographs. Me likey.
  8. Very nice! And the combo of thyme and SGH- I love it! Congrats!!!
  9. me likey too.....
  10. You and that bag make a beautiful couple!
  11. Looks like a Pine GSH PT, very yummy very chic, congrats!
  12. It's gorgeous ... I need me a green Bbag too, always drooling over everyone elses! Congrats!
  13. how beautiful. i love it.
  14. I love it! I love all greens!
    Great impulse buy!
  15. Congrats!! What a beauty! Looks like Pine to me too.