My YSL Tribute sandals arrived!

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  1. I love them! I bought them on a whim -they had one pair in my size at Bluefly the other day. I wasnt sure what they would be like in person-the heel and platform looked somewhat extreme. Somehow it balances perfectly-they are edgy, but also pretty/sexy. They are also very comfortable! I would post pics but I am wearing them right now with my chef clothes-I just got home from work. Here is the pic from the website:
  2. They are beautiful!
  3. I love these! You're so lucky to get them on sale!
  4. Modelling pics please!!!
  5. They are gorgeous! I want a pair.
  6. amazing, i want modeling pics please!!
  7. Wow,tribute sandals in black and on sale???!!!! Unreal, you lucky lucky gal!!!
  8. wow, I never knew you could find those on bluefly. I was eyeing them on the YSL site.
  9. they are gorgeous. i so want to get a pair too. if only i had the money to splurge on them.. =[
  10. That's incredible- I'm in love with the cobalt ones. How much were they on Bluefly?
  11. OMG awesome, those shoes are so cool. They seem to be something that can be worn for a long time as well, so while it is in can bust em out in 20 years too!
  12. They are fabulous! Congrats!:tup:

  13. Thanks everyone. I cant wait to take them out but it has been raining here- I dont want to ruin them. Not to be silly, but they smell sooo good-such a great rich leather smell.
    I was lucky to find them on Bluefly-they were $600 plus 10% off for my first time order-so I got them for $540. Not cheap by any means, but at least 25% less than what they are selling for now. I will post some pics as soon as I charge my camera.
  14. They look cool!
  15. Congrats! I really want these in blue and black. Anyone seen them on sale, I need a size 6?