My YSL Shoes

  1. For some reason, I got lucky and scored several pairs of YSL shoes in my size over the last 2 weeks at 50-70% off. So, i went from 0 to 4 pairs. I found them to be surprisingly classy, comfortable, utterly flattering to wide feet and has a whimsical touch to them. Now, I'm a huge fan. Of YSL. Next up, more YSL bags!

    Without further ado, here there are, in order of purchase (the first 3 pairs were 70% off, last one 50%). Thanks for letting my share. :smile:

    Modtime S85 Patent Pumps

    Yris 85 Strap Pumps

    Bow 75 Pumps - the bows are detachable

    Vichy "Tribute" 75 Slingbacks
  2. Your shoes are beautiful!! You're so lucky to score them at discounted prices. You did well!! :woohoo:Thank you for sharing them with us.
  3. I love them all,especially the first and 3rd pairs!! Are they comfy (as high heels go)?
  4. ^ QuirkyCool (cute name), they are very comfy. No first day wear cutting into feet feeling. One of the most comfortable shoes i've worn. :tup:
  5. so pretty! i love ysl shoes! congrats!
  6. So pretty. Congrats. I love the second pair. Enjoy them!
  7. Gorgeous!!!!!
  8. i luv the last one, but they're all gorgeous!!
  9. Gorgeous collection. Love every pair you own.
  10. great shoes, congrats!! ;)
  11. I love them all..Congrats!!!
  12. The last pair are my favorites. Great scores!
  13. Gorgeous! Glad to know it's comfy.
  14. wow- they're all SO stunning!
    lucky lucky girl:yahoo:
  15. I love them all. Congratulations!