My Ysl clutch and arty rings collection

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  1. At first sight I wasn't a fan of the YSL clutch but since owning 1 I fell in love. Now I own 3 along w/the arty rings. My SA lady mentioned to me that YSLs prices are going up and it will no longer be YSL. It will be Saint Laurent.

  2. beautiful YSL pieces congrats they are all gorgeous and very classy 8)
  3. Thank you. I tell my daughter that one day it will all be hers
  4. Stunning collection you have. I think you made the right decision in stocking up on these, the move to "Saint Laurent Paris" is leading to a lot of changes and I'm really going to miss these. Your daughter is a lucky girl! What a great mom.
  5. Thank you
  6. u have impeccable taste mrs.yla!!! i love all your BDJ clutches and arty collection! i was looking at the crimson/gunmetal and the gold/gunmetal one on - it's great to finally see it IRL! so thanks for that! :biggrin: and yes, ur dd is definitely in for a treat when these are hers!
  7. Amazing collection!
  8. So pretty ! :smile:
  9. The gunmetal/blue is stunning!! Love everything.
  10. Nice collection! Would you mind posting modeling shots of the gunmetal / aqua and the red Arty rings, please? ;)
  11. wow, this is an impressive collection indeed, congrats !!! I told my daughter the same thing, and guess what - she thinks we have totally different styles ......well, one day she might turn around...however she adores my Rive Gauche and wants me to keep it for her
  12. Love love love! Just ordered my first YSL BDJ clutch in black patent and can't wait for it to arrive.
  13. Very nice collection!
  14. I love the Belle du Jour clutches! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR GUNMETAL COLOR!
  15. Beautiful.