My/Your Best Colored Bags, share?

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  1. Clockwise from top right: grass, bone (came out a true white, but it's not), teal, rouge, mousse, chocolate.

    What's your fave?


    And care to share your own photos?
  2. The Red, love the color
  3. Red is always my favorite color, so your rouge wins with the mousse coming in a close second, as grey is my favorite color this season!!
    With that, my red bags make my heart patter (will post pics one day), but lately I am flocking to my metallic chloes (one paddy , one silverado hobo) for the winter. Once March rolls around I am a total whore for white bags....Have an Ivory Kooba sienna and just got a mastic zippy paddy (still unused, pics in chloe forum).
    Basically, I cannot pick a favorite!! ; - )
  4. The chocolate looks divine, and I adore the teal.

    If we are supposed to also share favorites from our OWN collection, this is mine. If not, ignore the attachment
    BV Side_1.JPG
  5. They're all so pretty, but I think the red one is gorgeous. What is it?
  6. the red one is very pretty, esp next to that teal & the gray.
  7. the mousse has won me over....
  8. I love the teal one! What bag is it?
  9. A red Zippy Paddington.

  10. A Dooney & Bourke Flap Bag.

  11. My best colored bag is my Mandarin Orange Epi Jasmine.
  12. I like your D & B teal bag the most! I can't get enough of that color!