My younger sister is PREGNANT!!

  1. So I just found out my younger sister is pregnant... I should be happier and its bothering me that im not... I am 3 years older then her and i guess i just always assumed I would have a baby first as i got married first and I just figured that's the way it would be. I cant believe she is having a baby!! I am happy for her but is it normal for me to feel weird about it? Almost jealous i guess.. Thanks for listening!!
  2. The baby of our family, my brother, and his wife are expecting their first baby in September. I think when I first heard they were pregnant I had a knee-jerk reaction where I felt it should be me first, etc.
    After I thought about it, I changed my view a bit. It does not take away from my own experience that he is having a child first. It will happen for each of us when it is our time.
    In the meanwhile, I get to meet a new niece and as far as I am concerned a baby is always a blessing in our family.
    I am sure you will come around to being truly happy soon. Sometimes the first reaction is just an emotional one. Just give it some time.
  3. does it have anything with being the first grand child to your parents? i think it'll be fine, i understand being jealous at first but in the near future, you will be shopping for this child like it is your own. that is how i am with my niece...
  4. its all right, i have someone in my extended family who had her child i think last year - and shes 4 years younger than i am. i'm 22.
    but i guess thats a different situation.... =\
  5. I don't know... Im 25 and i feel like im getting old, lol.. Im just not ready yet but i feel like im getting to the baby having age =/
    Financially we are really good and we have a 4br house just for the 2 of us so i feel like something is missing but i just dont know. Having a child didnt even cross my mind much until now... But this is her time.. Im just confused about how to feel.
  6. Interesting you mentioned this. I remember a few years ago, my older sister had a dream that I had a baby before her and she was quite upset. She wanted to have the first grandson in the family. Luckily, she had the first grandchild but to her dismay, her child was not the "first grandson". I, in turn, had the "first grandson" which I know bothers her til this day. I, for one, did not care for the sex of my child as long as he was healthy. I thought it was a bit odd for her to feel this way though :confused1:. Growing up, I never thought that it was important to be the first or the last to achieve anything in life when compared to my sister. I thought it was rather important to fulfill my own dreams according to my own will, at my own pace. I thought the best thing of having a sister was not because she was older. Instead, I thought I was (and still am) lucky to have her as my best friend.

    Because I am the younger sister, trust me when I tell you that your younger sister will look to you for support mentally and physically. She will definitely want her kids to eventually have a great bond with you, their favorite auntie.:heart:
    By the time you have your first child, it may be that you will receive the best maternal advice from noone other than your little sis. Congrats, new auntie-to-be!:heart:
  7. hey my younger sister got married first - 3 years before me and had her baby first.
    She is 3 years younger than me and i felt very happy for her.Her baby girl was the first grandchild in my family.
    i was not ready at that time to have a baby as i was busy travelling having a blast and focussing on my career. in fact when she was pregnant, i was happy i was not as we felt it was not the right time.

    I am currently 6 weeks Pregnant and so so happy. My sister and bro in law are happy but bit worried i will be having a grandson- like first grandchild to carry on the family name etc. i think thats mean but it does not matter. I dont think about it at all. as long me and hubby are happy and excited nothing in the wrld matters. SOOOO looking forward to my baby boy or girl first or last who cares? Your first time will be most special for you in your life especially when you consciously decide to have a baby vs hving one because your sis has one. It does not matter dear dont worry enjoy your niece/nephew and your right time when you want one when you are ready for one will come soon enough.
  8. Hello everyone, I am not new to tPF but a newbie to this P&P area.. I took my very last pill last week so.. my SO and I are curious to see what happens next..

    I know what you are feeling, cherthompson, as I reacted the same way when my SIL announced she was pregnant two months ago. Actually, your feelings make me feel better about mine..

    My brother is younger than me (I'm 32) and their wedding was already planned for July. FYI, my SO and I are not intending to get married ATM but have been considering parenthood for a year now - and waited until this summer for professional reasons..

    Anyway, I also thought I would be pregnant first (silly me..) as I am older and my SIL never mentioned wanting a baby so soon. On the contrary, I did and told her how we really wanted a baby. When this happened, she was already pregnant but didn't say a single word. I understand but I guess that is what made me feel worst later. I trusted her and told her my innermost feelings and she did not think I was worth the confidence..

    I have been really upset for a while and felt guilty about it. Yet, time has passed, they got married three weeks ago and we all had a lovely time at their wedding. My brother sent me a "picture" of the baby and I am really pleased for them!

    My SO has been very supportive and I am even more convinced that, one day, he will be a great Dad!

    [sorry for being so long, I guess I am so thrilled with pregnancy threads, I cannot help it..]
  9. My sister was ticked off at me for years for getting pregnant first. It is perfectly normal. I just did whatever I could to not rub it in or upset her more.
  10. I really am happy for her, We went to breakfast this morning and i gave her my best wishes but deep down im so confused. I would never burden her with my "real" feelings though, as far as she knows im smiling ear to ear :sad:
  11. 25 is still very young!!! Don't feel discouraged at all! You have quite a few good childbirth giving years to go. Don't rush it, when it happens it will happen. :yes:
  12. I understand how you feel. It was hard for us to see siblings getting pregnant while we were not. We were having problems so that was even harder.

    The way I looked at it was, just because we couldn't (or in your case you are not ready) doesn't mean other people should not get pregnant. I mean ... it is what it is, it's their life, they do whatever they want whenever they are ready.

    When it's your turn, your baby will be just as special. Try not to get too focused on who was the first in either having a grand kid, or in others case, first grand son. Remember it's your baby, it's up to you to make him/her just as special! :yes:
  13. I know that this thread hasn't been active for a while, but I still feel desperate for answers. I'm 35 and my younger sister is 23. I had a miscarriage (have been trying for over a year now) and then she became pregnant. I don't see how I'm supposed to be ok with all of this. My mother says I should just be happy that I'm going to be an aunt. I feel like she is just telling me to get over it and I just can't.
  14. Sorry, but you really do have to just get over it. She didn't do it to spite you. You're older, wiser, more mature, and should be setting an example for your sister. I'm sure she will need you very soon and will expect you to be supportive, whatever her situation is. I have been TTC my first for 8 months and my *older* sister conceived on her 1st month trying. Everyone's body is different and it's silly if not immature to hold it against them.
  15. You really don't have a choice about being okay with it. Life is seldom fair. I know it is painful because you have been trying for awhile, but your sister's pregnancy has nothing to do with you or your feelings. Look at it this way, how would you feel if the situation was reversed and you were pregnant and found out your sister was resentful?