My Yorkie Has Loose Stools

  1. It all started a few weeks ago after he (Leo) was vaccinated. The Vet told me to be patient and just feed him chicken and rice because he probably had an adverse reaction to the vaccine. The loose stools never changed. They did SO MANY tests and everything came back negative. So, the Vet have me medication to give him and I did. He was fine for a couple of weeks but then the loose stools came back! Its like watery. I'm so stressed out. :crybaby:I really don't know what to do. I feed him high premium food from Wholefoods and give him bottled water because I heard the chlorine in the water could be the cause. I just don't know what to do!! Can someone please help me.

    I'm going to take him back to the Vet but he did tell me that his stools may never be the same.:crybaby:
  2. Is he eating a normal amount for him? If he's not, that could be part of the issue. I am surprised the chicken/rice didn't help. When my dog gets an upset stomach, baby food helps too. Also, other carbs help too, like pasta. My dog will gobble up spaghetti w/ a little butter and chicken, even if he's not feeling well. What food are you feeding him? Have you switched recently at all? Does he eat wet food and dry food both? Is he eating a lot of snacks- like bones, ect., but not really eating his food for main meals? That can cause this issue.

    IDK... at this point, if it was me, I'd likely run him to another vet for another opinion. His system seems like it should have balanced out by now.
  3. He eats dry food and eats a lot. He did get better for a while and then it started again. I don't give him lots of treats. Just occasional liver treats from Wholefoods.

    I'm going to get him to another Vet.
  4. Add 1tbsp of plain canned pumpkin to his food, this will make his stools firm until you can get him to another vet.
  5. Thank you so much:flowers:!!! I will get some right away!
  6. My dog had a lot of vomiting issues a month ago. After several very expensive tests and x-rays they were unable to determine a cause. They suggested trying a different kind of food, something for sensitive stomachs. I spoke to someone at the pet shop, and they suggested only lamb based foods, so she is now eating California Natural Lamb & Rice, and is only getting vegetable and lamb based treats.

    So far, so good. It's not just where you buy the food, or the brand, but the ingredients seem to be very important for some dogs.
  7. I second the pumpkin idea. Lots of people gave me the same advice when Lucy had this problem.. luckily, she got better from changing her kibble brand.
  8. You can also try kaopectate (sp?). I can't imagine they would never be the same. I know some dogs can have reactions to vaccines. Was one a rabies shot?
  9. My cat has this too when she eats a lot, she can´t really control her eating so we have to ration it for her.
  10. How old is he? I had a poodle that basically had diarrhea for most of her life. It was rare she'd NOT have it. But it started pretty early on. The vet never could explain it.
  11. Yes it was!!

  12. He's 1.5 years.
  13. Awww. :noworry:
    Mine had that a couple of times too.
  14. Envy- is he doing any better?
  15. The experts say dogs are carnivores and need to eat mostly meat. Well, my dogs cannot tolerate that much. They get four ounces a day and five ounces a day irritates the GI tract. They aren't supposed to need vegetables. Mine do so well with three ounces of pumpkin plus sweet potato and others per day.

    I fed my old girl rice and chicken when she had a very bad GI upset. The nasty stools lasted til I added some pumpkin to the diet. Rice and chicken may give some nutrition but there isn't any fiber. Why they need fiber, I don't know but they sure seem to!

    Maybe you need to adjust the amount of protein and fat in the diet? Add more fiber? Must be scary having a tiny dog with tummy troubles. Hope he gets better soon.