My Yin-Yang twin.

  1. I bought these quite some time. When I saw them I couldn't resist. :shame: The leather is so soft and rich. They look really gorgeous IRL. The pictures can't do any justice.

    I got both of them because I couldn't make my mind between them. So I'd decided to give one to my sister on her birthday and I let her pick first so I didn't have to make a difficult decision. :p So the white officially belongs to my sister's, but we made an agreement to swap the bags sometimes. :graucho:

    So here they are:
    Mirage Speedy 027.jpg Mirage Speedy 030.jpg Mirage Speedy 032.jpg Mirage Speedy 033.jpg
  2. wow:nuts::tup::woohoo::drool:
  3. :wtf::wtf::okay::woohoo:
  4. Wow! You are an AMAZING sister!! Gorgeous bags!!
  5. What a cutie..
  6. Lovely!
  7. Gorgeous.:nuts:
  8. Congrats! Beautiful Yin-Yang twins! :tup:
  9. Gorgeous bags, congrats girlie
  10. cute! congrats!
  11. congrats on your two twins! they are both so pretty. that is soooo sweet of you to give your sister a b-bag for her birthday. you are the best sister ever!
  12. beautiful twins you have there!
  13. oo they're both lovely!
  14. They are the superfantastic! Congratulations and I hope you get to use the other one often : )

    I wish you well,

  15. "I got both of them because I couldn't make my mind between them"
    This is that king of things that make me crazy. I'm not able to choose between two things i love, so i totally understand your final decision. BUT i have to say you're a lucky girl. I've only a brother and i don't think he would be so happy to share bags with me :smile:

    Anyway CONGRATS! The twins look sooooo gorgeous