My yard UGH.............

  1. It seems like the neighbor who is a bit obsessed with their lawn just had manure done all over it again. The smell can make you vomit.....
    Last time they did it the smell was there for 3 weeks, you didn't want to be outside at all. I even thought there must be a dead animal around...... So they do it again and you can't I mean literally go outside without wanting to puke...... I mean here it is a nice hot summer and you want to hang out by the pool/patio and you can't do that, so much for eating outside. It is so frustrating......Guess I have to stay inside today and clean...:lol:
  2. Yuck! :sick: How anti-social! :shocked:

    I thought I was hard done-by, here, in that every time there's a hot, sunny, day (particularly on weekends) and you need to open your windows; someone has a bonfire and you have to shut all the windows again and boil. :mad:

    But you've got it a lot worse.

    Is he an older man, who may have lost his sense of smell? Maybe he doesn't realise just how bad it is?
  3. You can just imagine what it's like living in the Iowa country with corn and bean fields 1 mile out on every side of our acreage... when they spread the pig poop down with giant tractors, I practically have to hold a towel to my face to go outside! It's AWFUL! :shocked:
  4. Awwwwwww! That sucks! I hope their lawn stays green and nice for the rest of the summer so they won't have to do it again.
  5. Or.... you could go to the mall and buy some bags! :graucho:
  6. It's really good for the lawn... here in the Twin Cities I had never noticed people using that "method" of lawn care... now I can hardly go anywhere without it being a factor. I think people are catching on because it's a heck of a lot cheaper to spread manure over lawn (not to mention more "natural") than it is fertilizers. Just hang in there, the smell only lasts a few days... hope for rain!
  7. ewww, sorry you have to deal w/ that.

    Sometimes it seems like the "best" homeowners who spend hours tending to their houses are actually the very worst neighbors. They are always stinking up the place w/ either chemicals, paint smells, or manure. When not doing that, they are running ear splitting machinery -- wood chippers, trimmers, mowers, etc. In the winter they treat us all to some lovely patio wood burner smoke.

    Sometimes you just want to shake them and say "GIVE IT A REST!" You don't need to mow that lawn, fertilize that garden, chop that wood, or retouch that siding yet again.

    Just please take the hedge trimmer out of your a** and chill about the home upkeep. Be like the rest of us. Enjoy the natural look of dandelions for a day or two:smile:
  8. that is such a horrible smell:sick: . so sorry.
  9. sounds like my school
  10. so sorry to hear that... well I guess u can do lots of cleaning today in ur own space.. hehe, or u can go out n shop.. lol
  11. That so sucks. Hopefully it goes away very soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  12. MandM, Do you know my neighbor, because you have described him to a tee! In additon to all the above mentioned, there is the leaf blower at 7-8:00 AM and the mental masturbation ...ah, hem...:shame: of him trying to figure out on a minute by minute basis, what can I possibly do next? Nothing - please go get a life or enjoy the one you have. :censor: To top it off, he spits his gum out in our yard!
    He also tends to his cars on a daily basis with all the paraphernalia of a detail shop and proceeds to wash, wax, buff, and shine until he can see his reflection from across state lines. I need sunglasses from the damn glare! Oh and the water usage...JMJ ( Jesus, Mary and Joseph) Oh boy, have I ranted on here...forgive me, however it is a cathartic excercise to type this out.

    My DH encourages me to feel sorry for him. Ok, honey, (after my canonization for sainthood), however it's a difficult thing to do. The guy retired at 53 yrs old and is living off of an inheritance. He lives for the golf course lawn and his showcase cars.
  13. ^^^Lol! Yes, the early morning attacks with the leaf blower are the worst! I have some neighbors like that too. But it sounds like you have all of the most irritating behaviors all wrapped up in one pathetic guy!!
  14. ^Amen - can I get a witness!
  15. Ever see the episode of the Osbournes where they tried to out-do their neighbor and threw a whole ham over the fence??

    DO THAT!!!!!!!!! :roflmfao:

    But really... that is annoying. I'm sure it is good for the lawn, but that smell is god awful.