My Xmas + NewYear + Grad school GIFTS (more to come next week)---*Pic Overload*!!!!

  1. Hehe, some of you may read my post about getting accepted into grad school (Clin Psy) next year, i've been busy celebrating it (together with xmas & new year) TPF style:yahoo:!!!
    Heres what ive received so far: 08 Magenta City, 06 Grenat WORK, 07 Violet Le Compagnon!! Two more to come next week:love:!!!

    Group pic (NO flash):
    With flash:
    Magenta City & Violet Le Compagnon
  2. Modeling pics (sorry about the dirty mirror:sweatdrop:), I'm 174mm, 52kg.
    Grenat Work

    Magenta CITY
  3. Love your new bags, and congrats on your acceptance into grad school!
  4. Where did you manage to find your beautiful Grenat work? I've been looking for one unsuccessfully. :/
  5. Your new purchases are so beautiful, and you carried them very well!!! Congratulation to your new BBags and acceptance into grad school! :balloon::balloon::balloon: This got to be a wonderful and exciting new year!
  6. congrats..

    how do you like your magenta city????
  7. Congrats.:yahoo: I love your Grenat Work.:tup:
  8. congrats!!

    looove that grenat work (as you can see, it's on my hit list :smile: Plus, the leather on this one looks exceptional- sometimes I find it has too many white veins. Gorgeous!!!
  9. is it wrong that i'm more jealous about the grad school than the bags? anyways, love your grenat and magenta!
  10. Congrats!!! Great bags, too. I LOVE that Grenat!
  11. Thanks, ladies!!!

    I love the magenta, the leather is a bit dry but manageable. I spent whole day yesterday moisturizing it, it looks much better now:heart:! Even my purse-hating SO loves this bag~~:p!!
  12. congrats :yahoo: i love the work! is it alot bigger than the city?

    what other 2 bags are coming next week?... or is it a surprise? :p
  13. I love how all the colors go so well together :heart:

    They look gorgeous on you!!
  14. Congrats on your acceptance into grad school and your lovely new bbags!
  15. Three of the best colours! Congrats, they're all gorgeous!