My Xmas Gift - LV Manhattan PM

  1. Just to share with you my xmas gift --> my dreamed LV Manhattan!!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats! I love the Manhattan PM!
  3. CONGRATS - I LOVE that bag - you're so lucky!!!!!!!!!
  4. Congrats!!! Love it!!!:love:
  5. Congrats!! the PM's great!! I have it too! It's very classy...
  6. TDF - Congratulations to you!!!
  7. Congrats!:yahoo:
  8. ooh! i love it! congrats. :smile:
  9. Congrats! She is gorgeous!
  10. Congrats-it's really pretty!
  11. Congrats. It's gorgeous.
  12. You must have been very good this year, thats an
    Awesome X-mas present
    Such a great bag!
  13. great choice, congrats! :biggrin:
  14. Thanks Everyone. ..sorry for late reply.

    I have just noticed that the back of this Manhattan PM bag is a bit 'corrupted'--> the back of the bag is not properly shaped, i went to DFS Sydney to get a change, but all of the Manhattan PM Bags have similar problems. The SA told me these bags are not meant to be in well-structured, what does this mean? i am just a little disappointed...
    i will post a picture of that soon.
  15. Congrats!!!:nuts: I love it too:love: . God, please tell me when I can have it?:push: