My X'mas Bbag ... lovin' me some Bubble Gum!!!

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Should I keep her or not?

  1. Keep her ... she's fine!

  2. Return her ... mark on the back is a flaw!

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  1. Hi ladies and gents ... my dear hubby was sweet enough to get me a Bubble Gum City for christmas and I absolutely love this color:love:!

    Now I wanted to ask some of you Bbag experts ... how would you describe this particular City? I'm not familiar with the terms or description. I don't think it's dry, it is agneau so it's quite light. I have some chevre and they are thicker and a little bit heavier.

    It also has an itty bitty mark on the back (I'll post pics) ... I don't think it's a pen mark, I'm hoping it's part of the leather. It's not bothering me too much (yet!) ... but if it's a flaw, I'll definitely return it!

    So, ladies and gents ... is this one a keeper? TIA:flowers:
    BG 1.jpg BG 2.jpg BG 3.jpg BG 4.jpg BG 5.jpg
  2. Here's more pics ...
    BG 6.jpg BG 7.jpg BG 8.jpg BG 9.jpg BG 10.jpg
  3. If you can take care of the teeny tiny mark, I say keep it, it's hard to find the kind of color saturation and leather that you like with the color you like:smile:
  4. The 3rd and 4th pics have the mark ... it's at the lower right hand corner of the plastic bag, and the end of the tassel on the 4th pic. What do you guys think?
    BG 11.jpg BG 12.jpg BG 13.jpg BG 14.jpg
  5. Congrats!!! It looks soooo yummy i want eat it, Lol!!

    P.S. I think the mark is part of the leather, its not obvious, I would keep it...But if it bothers you, return it.
  6. It wouldn't bother me...your bubblegum city must be the most gorgeous one I've seen thus far! Congrats! and what a sweet DH you have!
  7. It looks gorgeous.. and it took me awhile to see the dot that your referring too! The leather looks gorgeous.. looks like you got an awesome bag. cOngrats~! :tup:
  8. It looks to be part of the leather. I wouldn't return it.
  9. I would definitely keep her!! She has gorgeous leather and I don't think the mark on the back is truly a flaw, just part of the leather. Also, she has sentimental value since she was given to you by DH!
  10. What a sweet DH you have and a good taste of color too.:tup: Congrats.:yahoo:
  11. I'd keep it! My BG City has a teeny flaw on the leather on the front of the bag and I figure - I'm going to do something accidental to it by simply carrying it anyway - and what's the fun of carrying a bag that HAS to stay absolutely pristine when a BBag is only truly perfect when it's been broken in?

    :smile: Congrats!
  12. I say definitely keep her!!! That teeny tiny freckle on the leather is not a flaw, just part of the leather, Love Love Love the saturation on this one!!:tup:
  13. How nice of your hubby! Your BG city is gorgeous, I couldn't find the mark until you pointed it out. I'll keep it!
  14. I can't even see the mark! & plus, it's on the back... =)
  15. It's really beautiful! Don't worry about the tiny dot - it's a natural part of the leather. Definitely keep this baby!!!! Congrats!