My X-Mas Gift


Jun 22, 2007
I was planning to buy my own LV for X-Mas this year....It would of been something i would be super proud of since i am only 16 and finally saved up enough for one.

But today my mom and i went to NM to finish up X-Mas shopping and she surprised me with a Neverfull PM!...I was super excited:wlae:...but i can't wear it till after X-Mas.

but, the strange thing was that everyone that came before me got a box with their purchase but when it came to my turn the SA told me they were all out! she wrote me a IOU...i think she was just being lazy since it was so busy and hectic in there...she just tossed my handbag in a bag and said "NEXT!":tdown:
Sep 2, 2007
Congrats on your neverful. What a wonderful surprise.
They do run out of boxes every now and then. When I made a purchase in October, the store I was in didn't have boxes either. I had to go back another time to pick it up.