My X-mas gift just arrived - pics

  1. Here is my x-mas gift to myself after getting the pre x-mas Blueberry mini wallet.:p I just got this gorgeous GSH Black Day from BalNY this morning.:yahoo: Kim you are the best.:heart: She sent me the best leather ever. It is jet dark Black (not silvery Black), wrinkly, and soft just the way i like it.:drool: I have been craving for the GSH Black bag for a while now and i decided to go with the Day style since i needed a shoulder bag. I love this combo. :tup:
    I have after x-mas gift coming soon so stay tuned. Shasta, here it is but it is not over yet.:wlae:
    IMG_3843 (2).JPG IMG_3846 (2).JPG IMG_3844 (2).JPG IMG_3845 (2).JPG
  2. Some crapy modeling pics but that is ok because these are for you Karenab.:p:heart:
    IMG_3848 (2).JPG IMG_3849 (2).JPG IMG_3851 (2).JPG
  3. Nanaz - its gorgeous.

    This is a great choice and a compliment to the ss work. You can wear this as your every day bbag!! I want to see a couple of modelling shots too woman!!

    And I CANNOT WAIT for your after Christmas gift too :graucho:
  4. Incredible........:love:
  5. cOngrats NaNaz~! Love... love the leather~!

    Wear her in g:huh:d health dearie~! ...o:huh:h there are more gooDies...:graucho:?
  6. gorgeous leather, congratulations, so yummy, can't wait to see the next one you'll get. merry x'mas nanaz!
  7. Thank you sweetie. :heart:I am crazy, aren't I?:lol: I am spoiling myself.:jammin:
  8. GORGEOUS. Its very pretty on you Nanaz.

    Honestly? You should just wear this one as your go-to bag now since its black. Kim definitely knows your taste in leather. I wish all sa's (from dept stores) were like that!
  9. oh yes, definately....
  10. Very pretty choice, perfect for an everyday bag! You always pick great bags.
  11. The leather!!!! It looks fabulous. Congrats! I love the GH in the day style. I really need some GH in my life..
  12. That is one gorgeous bag!
    I wish I could pull off GH on myself ... you wear it well! Congrats!
  13. Stunning color combo!!! Merry Christmas to you!!!
  14. Nanaz, It's a BEAUTY:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: I love the leather and it's such a classic bag for everyday! Enjoy it and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! :heart: E
  15. Gorgeous!! You will love the day - so easy and comfortable to wear!!