My x-mas gift handbag....just venting

  1. I want it to be the black suhali but, it is too much money...not fussy on Epi(sorry epi) the black MC aureilla MM but, have heard that balck MC looks fake and tacky...I have no clue of what they look like IRL...the pic with bag fetish and the black aureilla MM looked so nice...I really wanted to go with LV but, if the black MC is that bad I may have to go with a black gucci handbag....the britt with the two big GG's in gold....too bad LV did not have a black vernis handbag....too bad the suhali line is soo expensive....really want a black bag for x-mas and I am having a hard time to find something WOW in my price point...just venting my fustration...thanxs

  2. Some people think the Black looks tacky and fake and others don't. How can it look fake if it's real??? I personally feel like the pictures should give you a good enough feel on if you like the bag or not....If you think the pictures look nice then chances are you will think they look even nicer in person.

    Buy it if you like it. I'm not saying you are...but don't worry if other people think the bag looks only matters if you like it :yes:
  3. It is sad but, the comments that they look really fake have turned me off...I am so glad that people are honest and if they have seen it IRL I appreciate their opinion...I never see any black MC anywhere...I was trying to find some on the celeb thread and they all have the white I kind of question why it is not that popular etc.etc....the gucci britt is plain but, the GG's give it some style....the MC in black looks like fun!! I will have to decide eventually...just no more brown for me...all my bags are brown...and the red vernis is sold out in the style that I love!!!! Maybe I should just get a gift certificate for x-mas...not sure dh will like that he likes exchanging gifts!!!
  4. I have a black mc keepall, I can see where it looks fake.. i think they look weird on eluxury... but in person its soooooo different!
  5. should definitely be 100% happy with what you get. I don't sense you are head over heels in love with the Gucci either, though, right?
    You don't like the Mini Lin line at all?
    My only advice is to try not to make a bag fit your ideal bag when it clearly isn't.
    Eventually, you'll find it. I know you need a Christmas gift idea soon though.
    I'll keep thinking for you, sorry!:sad: :love:
  6. the bags are sooo different in maybe I should give it a chance...if I do not love it IRL send it back....I wish LV had more black selection in my price point...ohhh that suhali lockit is wow...the larger gorgeous
  7. The bag does look different in person:yes: . I didn't like the black MC AT ALL until I tried it on. Now I'm befinning to like it more than the white.:yes:
  8. I think black MC either you love it or hate it from what I have read on the various threads...I guess in person everything is different...loved the PH from the person I thought it was okay but, not WOW IMO....
  9. LV pug,

    the black suhali that you love you should get it.
    Those bags are beautiful, I would focus on that.

    Which style do u like.
    I like the L'Ingenieux in White. day....
  10. I actually prefer the black MC over the white.
  11. I have said this many times, but I used to hate black mc before I saw it IRL. I thought it looked, yes, fake and tacky. Pictures just dont make justice to it. For example IMO black speedy looks horrible at :yucky: Still, it is one of my fave bags. You just have see them in person.

    But if you have change, get the black suhali. You wont regret it ever :heart: I can tell it is worth the money.
  12. foe my x-mas gift dh said the suhali is not in the budget...but, he still wants to get me a bag rather than some $$$ towards a suhali...the large one is over 3k canadian...nuts huhhhhh????
  13. I do love's my total lust bag...wanted it forever (even before I really got into LV). It does have a Mom (who hates LV...she thinks all the brown is so boring) actually likes it it's a thing for just young people.
    I can wear it with anything!! I have the Lodge PM as well....and I've worn the Lodge dressed up in a business suit (the colors really popped out against the black suit).....and I wear the speedy with just jeans and a top.
    Some people say it looks fake.....I personally love the way the colors are so bright against the canvas....I mean every single color pops out...whereas sometimes with the white the colors don't shout out so loud.
    Personally....when I was looking online at the ads/elux it looked really plasticy and fake looking...but IRL it's not like that at all!
    So many different shades of colors.....I absolutely love it!