My wristlet, with Pictures!

  1. it's hard to tell but the lining is totally crooked. i like the wristlet more and more each time i see it, but this is driving me nuts. oh well. enjoy!:heart:
    pictures 002.jpg pictures 004.jpg pictures 007.jpg pictures 006.jpg pictures 010.jpg
  2. Oooh I like! I was just thinking of this the other day...I like I like...I like!
  3. wow that is beautiful!!!!!
  4. oohh its tooo uber cute
    i love it!!
  5. this makes me SO bummed i sold my pond one! it's tdf!
  6. so pretty....can't get enough of that striped lining:yes:
  7. Okay......I think I want the pond one now......
  8. You know what is weird about the pond photogrpahs really bright. It is beautiful though! Congrats!
  9. thanks everyone!!! i have a feeling i will be keeping it :smile::yes:
    it really is lovely.
  10. Very pretty!!!!!!
  11. Congrats! Its gorgeous... but the crooked lining would bother me too...
  12. SO_FEMME

    thank you! it is driving me nuts. i may return it and order another one and hope that one is ok. cause really, it should be straight.
  13. hrimaliv, that is exactly what I would do!!

    I don't like to settle for things that don't make me happy or are not what I want...

    We pay good money for these babies so we should be very PLEASED! :yes:

  14. I don't really see the lining crooked. If I use a little of my imagination, I can sort of see the lines going at an angle... (during the process of joining the leather and the silk, they somehow rotate the silk a little... I bet the worker's eyes are tired after looking at lines all day long)
  15. love the color!