My would-be first ever RM!!


Jun 30, 2008
HI ladies, I'm fairly new on here and looking to get advice on purchasing my first RM. For some reason, I am in loooove with the MAM in dusty/silver spot and I found one on sale for $385. Do you think it's worth it?? Or should I go with something classic like a black or dark brown or something. Also I've never actually seen a MAM in person and wondering if it would still look too big on me, I'm a skinny mini and stand at about 5'2"...I don't want to look ridiculous carrying such a gorgeous bag around. TIA!


... a girl can dream
Jun 3, 2008
Hi, and welcome! The MAM is perfect for your size as you described. The MAB size would be too cumbersome on you, IMO. The dusty/silver spot is a nice combo, and it's very neutral so it would go with a lot of outfits. The leather does tend to scratch alittle easier than others, but most can be buffed out easily. Brown and black bags are okay, but I think the dusty combo is more unique and special and you will get lots of compliments on it for sure :smile:.