My Worst Nightmare!

  1. My DH has planned a trip to the new - prepare yourself - Cabela's Store in Washington State for this Sunday. Its like 1 1/2 hours from our house. I told him I didn't really want to go and he pouted and whined, so now I'm going. Ugh! They don't even have a Coach store anywhere near there. So, it's not like I can drop him off and go shopping or anything. It's a nightmare.
  2. Ugh. I remember having to go to the Bass Pro Shop an hour away with a guy I used to date. My advice? Divorce him.
  3. Haha, Amanda!
    I guess I would recommend taking a book, I got nothing else for you.......
  4. Oh that sounds fabulous!:nuts:
  5. If that's your worse nightmare, what's your best dream? HA!

    Personally, I think I could fake interest in what he's shopping for if it meant I could spend time with DH. I enjoy people-watching though, and I don't get out much, so yeah, for me I could care less where we ended up, as long as I get out of the house.

    Take a book or your IPod. He'll love you for it and the next time you want to go to a Coach store, he'll be more receptive to going with you.
  6. Oh the irony!
  7. You're right, there is NOTHING close to Cabelas to spend time at, seriosly, nothing. There is a Restaurant by the Harley Davidson dealer, I can't remember what its called but have heard its good - maybe you could take a book, order a snack and enjoy yourself there for awhile?

    If not, I'v e heard the store is pretty darn cool, with a huge aquarium full of NW fish, and some other interesting things.

    I feel for you though, thats a long drive, but your dh is gonna have a blasst!
  8. Have a cocktail first, this makes everything fun!
  9. Have you been to Cabelas before? The one here has an aquarium and lots of cool stuff to look at. I kinda like it :shame:
  10. I don't know what kind of store that is, but just the name of it sounds like something I would hate and my DH would like. Is it a hardware store? Those are his favorite places.
  11. Do you have kids?
  12. it's like a giant outdoor emporium. think camo and truck accessories. it's like Bass Pro Shop.

    the only things that saved me on my unfortunate trips to Bass Pro were that it had a huge fish tank and a big ol' boat showroom. some of the boats were really cool, they had fun boats as well as those for fishing. it was attached to an outlet mall that had both a Saks and Neimans outlet, but my boyfriend at the time was a bit psycho and INSISTED that i stay with him when he was in there. i NEVER made him shop with me. he thought it was quality time.

    like i said, divorce him.
  13. Don't they have stuffed animals there? (The real kind, I mean.)
  14. You want to know what is really funny? I had never heard of Cabela's before in my life. Literally 30 minutes before reading this thread someone I was chatting with was talking about buying fudge there and I asked her what it was. Then I open your thread and there it is again. Weird!
  15. yep.