My worst Customer Service Experience ever at

  1. I just got off the phone with this lady at & OMG I experienced the WORST customer service ever!!

    Here goes:

    I ordered 2 pairs of cords online. I then called to see if my order went through or not because I did not get an email confirmation. Eriq, the lady that picked up the phone tries to find my order using my last name. She can't find it so she asks me if I would like to place another order, in which I placed an order for 2 pairs of cords.

    Today, I received 2 packages from them. One order from the internet & one phone order. I didn't mind keeping all of the jeans (True Religions) but there was a problem.

    THE PROBLEM: I only received one pair of cords on the internet order. So I checked my credit card statement & find that they charged me for 2 pairs.

    I call them to straighten things out & I am faced with the DEVIL herself. The same lady, Eriq, answers & blames me for spelling my own last name wrong to her when she was trying to find my order (which I didn't, she didn't listen to me spell it twice: once when she first asked for it & a second time when she asked for my credit card info for the order). She asked me what the invoice looks like, I begin telling her what it looks like. It wasn't good enough for her because she calls me an "idiot".

    I ask for the manager & Eriq informs me the manager is not available "so you'll have to deal with me". I tell her that I would rather dispute it with my credit card company than speak to her. She hangs up on me!!

    In the end, I called my cc company & am having it disputed. I've never had such bad customer service. I used to work in telemarketing so I know to be nice to the person on the other line but damn!!! :rant:
  2. Completly unacceptable. Customer service is a joke at many places. Either that, or I am getting old and cranky. Or both.
  3. Wow that takes the cake for the rudest representative ever.. and I thought Delta was bad (they joked 'atleast she'll get there' when they couldn't get my mom a return ticket home from her brother's funeral in London).
  4. Sorry to hear about your awful experience with this customer service "rep".:yucky: Don't let her get away with treating you like this, definitely complain to the store manager and get her FIRED!
  5. UPDATE:

    So the supervisor calls me & tells me that I was rude to her employee!! I asked her if they recorded their phone calls (I used to be a Quality Assurance person for a telemarketing firm & used to listen to these calls all day long) & if they did to listen to it to see who was rude to who (or is it whom??)

    In the end, I told them that I was handling it with my credit card company & I will never shop there ever again.

    BTW, I have come to love this forum more after this incident. I found that this is great therapy!! =)
  6. Wow, that is just ridiculous. It's one thing to be rude to a customer (which is also unacceptable), but it is a whole different thing to call a customer names. And then to have the supervisor call you to blame you! :rant: I just don't understand some people.
  7. OMG!! I'd call headquarters. I wouldn't let it end here. That's complete bull.
  8. Wow, that sucks to hear about your sitaution. I would go off on them and call corporate. I've been hearing that Kitson has bad customer service lately. I've never shopped online yet, but I don't think I'll ever will either. That was just completely rude and uncalled for of Eriq calling you an idiot and her manager not doing anything about it.
  9. Although I'm sorry to hear about your experience daffie,unfortunately I'm not surpised whatsoever. They are known for their horrid CS. Check out or PlanetFeedback. Kudos to you for standing your ground. You did the right thing.
  10. Wow, I didn't know that. Well, I feel good about what I did today then. I just hope that know one has to endure what I had to! =)
  11. OMG
    I hate customer service like that..
    This one time i went into a store here in Melbourne looking for a pair of pants for a special occasion.. minding my own business.. looking for my size.. when the sales assistant approaches me to tell me there is nothing in her store in my size (size 6 aus)... and i tell her.. well ive just found a pair of pants in a size 6.. so im holding onto the pants to try them on when she takes them from my hand.. i assumed to put in the changeroom for me so i can keep browsing (as this is what they usually do) next thing i know, im walking towards the change room and shes put the pants back on the rack!!!!! I WAS LIKE WTH ?!?! she then proceeded to act really rudely towards me, i told her I NEED SOME PANTS... then she kept suggesting DRESSES... i was soo fed up.. i asked her where are my pants ?!?! and she tells me, theyre back on the rack... UGH! So i stormed towards the door.. and she asked "arent u gonna try on the pants"... i turned around and told her to "forget it"... i called HQ straight away to complain about her... they held a pair of pants for me in another store.. and gave me 25% off...
  12. OMG! At least you had a good ending in the story. I am glad that you got your pants AND 25% off =)
  13. You know what's ridiculous? Eriq blaming you for spelling your last name wrong to her. It's your name! How on earth could you mis-spell it? Does that make any sense at all?

    I agree - don't stop there. Complain about Eriq and the supervisor! That's terrible behavior! And thanks for posting, I'll stay away from them.
  14. Thats right!! I kept asking her why in the world would I spell my own last name wrong?? AND my last name only has 2 letters in it to spell!!
  15. Yeah.. worked out well in the end. And the lady in the store where they held the pants for me was really sweet and understanding, and completely sympathetic with my situation.. but i would NEVER shop in that particular store where i got treated so rudely ever again!