My Work Woes are NO LONGER!!!

  1. Hey guys! As you all pretty well know by now I was laid off from my horrible job on Sunday afternoon. I was so tickled I couldn't stand it.

    Anyway, my Dad didn't get good news at Vandy on Monday, and we were all pretty much as low as we could get. That night my BFF calls me and says "We're coming by ya'lls house, Dad's got a song on his heart." (Their family sings Gospel Music.) They arrived and the song they sang was called "He's Still God." By the time the song was over my living room was full of people with tears rolling down their cheeks. It was my BFF, her mom and dad and two brothers, her boyfriend and her grandmother, me and my mom and dad. I told her that we needed a girls day soon.

    Today is Wednesday and it's 11:30 and I've been gone on my girls day since noon with her.

    I got to her house at Noon and she asks me to help one of her little brothers finish his school work while she finishes getting ready. (The three of them and I are I was....neway)

    I managed to get farther with him in 20 minutes than she had done all morning. So she tells her Dad about it and about 30 minutes after we leave their house he calls her and asks her to ask me if I'd be interested in teaching him full time, the days I'm not in school myself. He doesn't focus when it's his sister or mom. Her Dad would pay me and when they need me at their Florists Shop, I would work there too. I will still be able to teach piano because teaching her little brother will only been 3 hours in the morning. And with school in session I won't be able to teach until after 3:30 anyway! And then they've given me a photography job for the 19th. So this family....they are a miracle. No wonder she is my best friend!

    :yahoo: I'm excited!!
  2. That's awesome! Congrats!
  3. Cool!
  4. That's great!! Prayers to your dad.
  5. Great news!!My prayers go out to your dad.
  6. Sorry your dad didn't get good news this week. My prayers are with him, and I hope he can be as comfortable as possible.

    On the work front, great news! Sounds like these jobs should fit you well and work great with your schedule. See, just when you think there's no hope, something better is out there waiting for you. Keep us posted on how you're doing, and on your dad.
  7. Im also sorry your dad didnt get good news. I just want to say I :heart: reading your posts about your job and life etc !. You are so entertaining ! you should do a blog :smile: Pm me the link if you ever make one