My Work bag group shot

  1. Hi, I got my fire engine red and blueberry work bags last friday. Now I took a group shot of all of them. But my Bordeaux is missing since it was at my parent's house now.:yes:

    I took last night with flash, so the blueberry is little bit off. But it looks beautiful in the natural light.

    You can see the leather on blueberry is little bit crispy and shiny. It looks like S/S 06 leather,but thicker.

    Hope this can give you some idea that leather is different on different color of bag.:graucho:
    b_blue.JPG b_group.JPG B_red.JPG
  2. Dang- those bags are just GORGEOUS! Thanks for posting Chloe_Concord!
  3. Chloe concord, loving this pic of your WORK FORCE!!!!!! you lucky ducky! they're all gorgeous!!!!
  4. chloe, your bags are gorgeous!:love: i love the work... it's my favorite style! i was really close to getting the blueberry as well, but decided to get the black weekender instead. thanks for sharing your pics.:flowers:
  5. Yeah,,I am drooling over your weekender the moment I saw your pic of it.,.:yahoo:
  6. chloe lovely! thats one amazing collection and the colors tdf :yahoo: its soo cute all in the work size :tender:
  7. Hey Booyah...I`m getting my skyblue office...yeahh.:yahoo:
  8. They're lovely ! My favourite is definitely the magenta though.. :biggrin:
  9. OOOHHH it's lovely..... i love the work size :P
  10. MAN, i think im going to HAVE to get the rouge in work now....the more i see it, the more i love it!
  11. Oh Chloe, they are gorgeous.
  12. They are amazing! Everytime I see pictures of the Blueberry, I feel like I HAVE to have it.
  13. OHHHH *drool*
    I LOVE THEM!!! Especially the rouge work... YUM YUM YUM! :love:
  14. Would love to see a pic of you wearing your work ... esp. your Blueberry work!! :smile:
  15. OHHH- Loving the rouge vif!!! All the works are gorgeous!!!