My Wonderful Brother!!!

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  1. Just sent me $1500 in virtual gift cards from NM:wtf: :yahoo:

    Now I don't know what to get... I want to maximize and get a much as possible.

    Here is some of my wish list
    red epi pouchette
    agenda in a red color(to be used as a wallet/agenda)
    Speedy 35~mono
    Something in damier~Either speedy 30 or saleya MM
    Multi color bandeau
    Red Groom Bandeau
    Something in MC line~either alma or speedy
    Damier azur speedy 30

    I know I can't buy all of this with $1500 but what would u get?
  2. I think I'l go for Saleya.
  3. Get a red epi speedy!,its beautiful!
  4. What a lovely brother! Don't jump too fast. Think it through!!!!
  5. get the speedy, bandeau, and the agenda. for me the more little stuff, the happier! happy shopping! what a sweet brother you have :smile:
  6. I usually would say the Damier Speedy but now I'm in love with the Saleya. :biggrin: What a wonderful brother indeed.
  7. wow, thats so nice of him. I vote for a big purchase like the mc speedy.
  8. You have a really nice brother! How about one large purchase instead of smaller ones? Epi speedy is nice
  9. Red epi pochette, damier speedy 30, groom bandeau, Pomme agenda. They would all look good together, and you get a little bit of everything.

    You could also go for two bags and get accessories later since they're less expensive/easier to get later.

    Let us know what you decide.;)
  10. wow, we'd all like a brother like yours! :yes: i'd go for a nice significant purchase for that chunk of speedy or epi speedy. or a saleya mm and an agenda.
  11. What a wonderful brother! I vote for either going for one big purchase (MC Speedy!) or... a Damier Speedy + vernis agenda + Groom bandeau + cles (even though that last's not on your list)!
  12. Now this idea woudl knock 4 out of the 9 things on my list off!

    I struggle with paying $300+ on an agenda:sweatdrop:
  13. I would get a damier and monogram speedy.
  14. Thanks ladies these are some great suggestions!!

    I would love to have the MC speedy but at $1910 whew thats more than I got,lol plus I think I can get that when I do my big shopping in december!
  15. Sweet brother! Get the Speedy, pochette, and the bandeau!