My WOC story:


Nov 25, 2007
A month or so ago I purchased a dark gray patent WOC from Saks in Chevy Chase. I believe it costs $1875 or $1900 or something around that. The SA told me if I shipped it to a different address - other than my billing - then I'd have zero sales tax. So I shipped it to a neighbor across the street. But the whole experience was weird. Like the SA suddenly out of nowhere found the bag in the back storage room. Apparently the customer who placed it on hold changed their mind. Well, I'm quite OCD and I started noticing things on front exterior. On bottom there seemed to be white powder or sugar brushings or something that I could only see up close. And a few were difficult to brush off. Then in the patent edging, I noticed a crack or small ditch that just did not look right. Maybe that is how patent is made. But it drove me crazy. And I returned it.
So I placed my name on waitlists all over the East Coast Saks locations. And all the SAs said it would be weeks or months because there were easily 40 names ahead of me. And they only receive 1 or 2 black caviar WOC very sporadically. Well, anyway, I get the call less than 2 weeks later and a Saks SA has one for me. Texted pics. Tissue on chains and it looks perfect. However they no longer will ship to a friend to get tax free. And this is a classic so $2100 plus tax. I am anxiously awaiting. Might come today so wish me luck. Still like the price more of the first one but just don't want patent.


Oct 15, 2008
IMO, it's worth it to pay a little more to get what you really want. $1875 is a lot to pay if you're not happy with a purse so it's good you returned the first one.


Mar 10, 2013
i love my WOC in caviar and who knows when they will have that combination again. I think if you can afford it, get it. After a few days, if you are still unhappy with the purchase then return it.