My Wishlist: Easy to find?

  1. I want to post my wish list and find out if these bags are available and if they are hard to get... This is just so I know which ones to get first...since I can't buy them all at once...

    ~Light Silver 2.55 226

    ~Black/black Cambon tote

    ~Patent Navy E/W flap

    ~Black 2.55 226

    My Birthday is coming up in September... so my brother may be buying me 2 of these... Plus I will be treating myself at Saks this month for the ECG event and am going to try and get one of these!

  2. Love them all. Great choices
  3. The reissues and the e/w patent navy would be the toughest finds. They are out there though. Maybe you should call ahead and be on a waitlist just in case.
  4. I don't know but the Chanel trunk show @ Willowbend is coming up this Friday. I'm planning on going, maybe you can meet me there!?
    I'll track down KathyD and see if she's coming too.
  5. ^ I'm pm'ing you :yes:
  6. swanky, i hope you can post pics when you go to the trunk show. thanks