My Wishlist after the Purse Ban! Thanks guys!

  1. Hey guys.. Today is monday.. So I finally decided which 3 will I buy first with LV.. Thanks a lot for your help on the poll guys!!

    First of all, I need to take out the L'Epanoui GM because it's way too expensive for me.. LOL..

    The second highest vote is the Manhattan PM with 21 votes.

    The third is the MC Speedy White that I've been lusting.. FOR YEARS! Already.. (Thanks for making this decision for me..)

    And I certainly, certainly needed a Red Handbag when I finish my purseban and the Bedford Pomme comes to the fourth which has 13 votes!

    Again, thanks for helping me!! I'm going to post their pics as soon as I grab these bags after my purseban! :biggrin:

  2. i can't wait to see ur pics!!!!!!
  3. ^Hehe! Will post them as soon as I grab them after my purseban!! :biggrin: I'm thinking of getting the bedford pomme first... It's getting in my nerves lately.. LOL.. And I've never had a red handbag before.. ;)
  4. When does your ban end again...
  5. woohooooo rics!! hihihihhiihihi go go go!!!
  6. have fun shopping! :biggrin: