My wish list - HELP

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am lusting over a Chanel bag for the longest time but my fiancee had me on a bag ban, and now he has finally agreed to get me one. He called the Palm Beach NM and they told him that none of the bags of my wish list were available, so I ask for your help in finding them please!!

    1 - Diamond Stitch - Preferably in white but I can love the black one too!
    2 - Coco Cabas or Baby Cabas in black leather
    3- GST in black with silver hardware

    If anyone can post the Rock collection because that is the one they keep offering him (not the flap one, but another one) and I can't find anything but the Rock flap!

    Thanks!!! Have a great weekend everyone!
  2. Could it be this one? Good luck!-----------pics deleted, since I realized the one I showed is acutally a small rock flap. Sorry.
  3. Call your nearest Chanel Boutique, they'll be able to locate any of these bag and ship it out to you. Good luck on your search!

  4. Palm Beach NM doesn't sell Chanel bags...but there is a Chanel boutique in Palm Beach.
  5. Chanel Ala Moana in Hawaii has the GST with silver H/W.
  6. Saks NYC has the GST with silver hardware, and they are having EGC on Thursday!!! Ask for Endo, if they don't have it anymore, he will try to get one for you by Thursday.
  7. Chanel Nordstrom downtown Seattle has the coco cabas in black leather and the GST in black w silver hardware. Call them at 206-6281390, ask for Daniel he's really nice.
  8. Saks in Boca Raton has 2&3! Call Marta there at 561-620-1354
  9. Charlotte NM had them all recently. 704-442-7900