My wish for 20th wedding anniversary!

  1. As we are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary (together 26 years) next month my husband said that he would have to get me something nice and I started thinking what would I really love that would be special to celebrate this anniversary and I thought I would really love a vintage kelly (I have been inspired ladies, by all of your gorgeous vintage kelly's). I had my heart set on a stunning black ostrich that myampie had up for sale on eBay but I was outbid and it went for too much money.

    I am 5'4 and weigh about 120 pounds so I feel that the 28 would be best for me and I would like it to be rigid and black. So wish me luck in my quest and you never know I could be going out for dinner on my anniversary with a Kelly in my hand.
  2. Suzie, Congrats on your upcoming wedding anniversary. :smile:
    I hope you get the bag of your dreams. Good luck. :smile:
  3. Thank you Kelly Birkin.
    I have a silly question and I can't find the answer anywhere, what is sellier? Is is a leather or style?
  4. Thanks Kallie, now I understand.
  5. Suzie congratulations, a very happy anniversary to you.

    A 28 cm sellier Kelly sounds perfect!
  6. Congrats on your anniversary & i hope u find your dream bag!!
  7. Suzie- Wishing you and your DH a wonderful anniversary with plenty more to follow. My fingers are crossed for you in locating that special bag.:heart:
  8. Yay!!! First off, congratulations on being married for that long, that´s HUGE! Second, I´m so happy your getting a vintage Kelly!
  9. Congratulations on such a wonderful marriage!A vintage 28cm black sellier would be perfect in any leather - what a timeless classic! Good luck on your search!
  10. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary, Suzie (it's also my 20th this year!). And I have to tell you I LOVE your sig line! (Hey, Morticia rocks!)
  11. Congrats on your 20th anniversary. That's wonderful. Hope you find your dream bag.
  12. Congrats! I hope you find a vintage 28 sellier Kelly in CROC!
  13. Congratulation! May your dream comes true.
  14. congratulations!!!

    I think it's a wonderful way to commemorate! Good luck!