My winter purchases *pics*

  1. Some asked me what else I got in my trips this winter so I thought I'd share... While most are Chanels, it's okay for me to post non Chanels as well, right?;)

    First item. I got this little cutie when I was in Italy last November. I'm all for anything with a bow or flower, especially when it's pink. So when I saw this in Milan, I practically ran inside and asked a SA to ring it up. It's not a hot item like the bow clutch, but I'm lovin' it enough to carry at least once a week.


    Then on the very last night in Italy, I just felt the urge to pop into a Prada again and get these two fuzzies. I have way too many bag charms so I thought it would be silly to get another. However, I'm also a sucker for teddy bears! Sad thing is, I got them on such a hurry as I was there right before closing and the white one is defective!:wtf: His limbs do not turn all the way as the black one.:crybaby:

  2. your new prada & charms are just too cute ~ i :heart: these shopping pics!
  3. Very cute pradas! I just love that bow bag!!
  4. How cute! I had no idea Prada made teddy bears. Sorry about the defect, though.
  5. First Chanel purchase in the winter!:smile:


    I got these babies from Bergdorf, when they were doing their first mark downs in December. It was only 30% off, but I've been dying to get them at any discounted price, so I grabbed them as soon as I saw them on the sales section. They were originally $630, but I paid $441 and sales tax.

    They look bronze in the pic, but Chanel calls it gold. I considered getting them in red and pink as well and now regretting I didn't! They didn't have any left in my size the next time I checked.:s
  6. LOVE your purchases. especially the charms and the ballerinas!
  7. I was lucky enough to squeeze a trip to Vegas during Christmas, sort of on a last minute booking. Back then, I thought Chanels in Vegas was so so. I'd like to take that thought back now though, as ones in Bellagio and Wynn were actually a lot better than other Chanels I've been to lately. Bellagio one actually had the most varieties of Sharpeys I've seen in any Chanel.

    But I had to refrain myself, as I was to fly off to Paris later... So in the end, all I got in Vegas was this little part silk scarf from Wynn. It was stuck somewhere between sale shoes.:p It's got cute little pics like rockets. It was on sale, and I paid $177 including tax.


    When I came home from Vegas, a package was waiting for me at the door of my home and it was...


    Bubble Quilt purse I ordered from NM before I left!:yahoo:

    I ordered this from their website, using catalogue quick order codes. It was such a headache to receive this, as there was something wrong with my first order but it arrived safely. The color looks much nicer in real life and it's something you can carry with any kind of outfits.
  8. Ooh~ You must check out the rest of the fuzzy family. You could view all of them on Prada site, by clicking the "Gift" part. My fuzzies are about the size of a slider phone but they even have tiny ones that comes as cell phone charms.

    I spoke with a Prada person and she said they'll either exchange or repair my poor bear.:yes:
  9. Oh that scarf and the ballerinas are so cute! Great winter haul!
  10. More to come, but I gotta get ready for dinner date. Will post the rest later tonight. Thanks for viewing, fellow tPFers.:shame:
  11. Those Chanel flats are so hot im drooling over them. :drool: And I have to have one of those prada bag charms! They are sooo cute!!! Do you by any chance remember what the price was for one??? And are they limited edition or can you just buy one anytime??? Great purchases. :tup:
  12. Love those Chanel flats! I saw them at Bergdorf but they were only left in a size 9.5 in silver when I got to the sale!
  13. WOW! Love your winter finds! The teddy bears are SO cute!! The scarf is so fun!! Congrats!
  14. Congrats on your purchases!

    Love the scarf! The Prada bag is beautiful too :drool:
  15. Oh, I love your BQ! Drool.......:drool: