My Wine Nikki arrived- !? it's *ROCK* hard and stiff! r/o

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  1. Picked up a couple of Matties at the SF Sample sale. They are pretty stiff and wonder how long did it take you to break in your bag, assuming you're carrying it every day for a period of time.
  2. it shouldnt take very long ... most bags start to soften after just one use ... there is no X amount of time it will take but if you use your bag every day, each use will soften it!
  3. the matties are a little bit more structured in my opinion compared to the mab and nikki.. they do soften but they arent as slouchy as a mab/nikki
  4. I think it depends on which leather exactly too... thinner leathers or pebbly-soft leather breaks in really fast after carrying it only a couple times, but glazed stiffer leathers like the haze leathers take longer.
  5. I think I'm on a month now with my purple haze mam and it is just starting to get to a softness I can live with. My tangerine took half that time, if that. But that one wasn't as stiff to begin with. So it really depends on the leather
  6. Definitely depends on the leather. Like it's already been said, Matties are a little more structured than the other designs. Try some leather conditioner, it should soften the leather up a bit and possibly allow it to break in faster. Enjoy!
  7. Oh baby tangerine! I miss my tangerine! I had a tangerine MAM and it took about a month to break in. Then again I also baby my bags like no other and carried it about every other day or so. The tangerine was a glazed leather and many people complained about the stiffness when it first debuted. I didn't find it to be an issue and its all the better once it breaks it.

    Nawth, I just got myself an OH MAM! I'm so excited to have the orange color back in my collection! Can't wait for this beauty to slouch beautifully.
  8. i picked up a custom burgundy mattie at the ny ss. i was really nervous about the size--i'm more of a small bag person and it's the biggest bag i own--and the leather--probably the stiffest that i own?--but i couldn't resist it.

    i've now carried it on a couple of weekend trips and as an everyday bag a handful of times. it's still pretty stiff, but i can already feel it starting to break in. still a lot more breaking in to do though, a whole lot.

    pulling the flaps in does help it feel smaller too, as people have said. and for some reason it feels smaller if i carry it on my arm rather than on my shoulder (it has a hard time staying on my shoulder anyway).

    this skeptic has fallen in love, and i definitely plan to pick up a few more matties!!
  9. Hi jello :smile:
    I merged your thread w/ this one b/c I believe you can use this breaking in method (weight and hang) for any bag.
  10. I picked up a custom burgundy at the SF Sample sale!

  11. Great! I tried to do a search but apparently wasn't using the right key words.