My Wine Nikki arrived- !? it's *ROCK* hard and stiff! r/o

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  1. Desi, check out my thread on alternatives for shortening the strap on the MACs with the dogleash clips. I think I found a solution! :tup:
  2. I received a Dark Brown Nikki w/ Silver Signature hw for Christmas. I want it to slouch so I've hung it (full of stuff) from a hook in my cubicle. Will a couple of days of this make it slouch nicely?
  3. It should slouch nicely in about 2 weeks. I hang mine on the doorknob every night with my stuff in it and just use it every day.
  4. does this method work for the mini nikki too?
  5. I have a Scarlet Mini Nikki and it was pretty stiff and non bending. I feared it wouldn't ever soften. I threw my stuff in it and used it for a week over the holidays. Now it's all mushy and I can ball it up in my hands. It's leather type and glazing I think will always have an inherant firmness to touch, but I was surprised at how malleable it is.
  6. Yep, to a certain degree. The MN sits up higher under the arm, so I will break in but it doesn't slouch down as far as Nikki.

  7. (original creator of this post)

    ANOTHER UPDATE :smile:

    Hi, wow, I didn't know this post had continued, I believe I stopped reading after my last post. Here is an update though.

    Since September, I have been HEAVILY using my Wine Nikki. Filled it with heavy things, light things, took it shopping, traveling, EVERYWHERE. I would say definitely many months of non-stop usage. This has been my bag of choice for all this time. (I used it 75% of the time)

    And regarding its STIFFNESS?

    Since Day 1, (today is Dec 2008) it has softened about...40%. This is STILL a stiff bag. You must think "what, she carries it once a week with nought but a cell phone inside it" but no, at one point, I carried heavy laptop equipment inside it for an extended period of time.

    It did soften up, but I have come to realize the nature of the Wine leather is that it is of a stiffer, non-smooshy, non-"collapsing in on itself"-type. Still very beautiful, but about 85% stiffer than what I'd like it to be. If I let it stand by itself, it retains about 90% of its form, without collapsing.

    I was confused b/c a couple years back I had seen some girl's pics on of her wine Nikki, which looked like a PUDDLE of wine leather, messaged her, and she told me :

    "my wine leather is different from yours- the original Wine was very thin, puddly-soft, smooshy leather--- yours is much thicker, stronger, stiffer- I sold mine, and my friend recently acquired the new Wine, and I was surprised to see how stiff it was... truthfully, I prefer the thick, stronger leather..."

    Ahhhhhh... all makes sense.

    I'm keeping it because after another year or two, it should soften even MORE. (and hopefully not come apart). And I still like the deep bordeaux color. I would have definitely been happier if I had known this fact prior to my splurging $600!
  8. Wow! Seriously. . . still stiff?? Can you post pictures??
  9. ah...that's my biggest fear, because i really would love the smooshy puddly wine leather not the stiff one. i was kind of skeptical about how much it would soften up to begin with, because feeling my wine mattie the leather is so thick and stiff that i can't imagine how much softer and smooshier it can get, even with extensive wear. please do post pics so we can see how it looks now...!
  10. okay, i will take pictures with my cell phone and post it during daylight.
  11. :faint: Seriously? I just got my Sunshine Nikki yesterday, and while I almost sent it back, I didn't think it was THAT bad! Still, it is pretty stiff, so I think I'm going to have to endure a couple of weeks worth Sunshine-stiffness in order to break her him.
  12. I hugged my Wine Nikki everytime I had the chance, she broke in quite quickly .. .
  13. So, I'm bumping this old thread to ask:

    Does anyone have a glazed black leather Nikki? If so, does it soften up at all?
    I purchased one from ShopDressOnline, and was hoping to love it, but it's so stuff and huge - not what I expected. This is my first non-MAB/MAM and I love the squishyness of those bags, so I'm at a bit of a loss with the stand-up Nikki. It seriously stands on it's own! :P

    Any suggestions other than hanging books inside to get it to break in? :lol:
  14. ^you could try to condition it, but it may lessen the glaze! i say stuff it to the max, and hang it. It REALLY works. I had a rock hard nikki I did that with, and it was very smooshy in a matter of days! :tup: