My Wine Nikki arrived- !? it's *ROCK* hard and stiff! r/o

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  1. hehe wear it a lot :yes:

    Some other girls have recommended that when you're not wearing the bag to stuff it and hang it (like on a door knob or something) and let it sit a couple nights which should help break it in more ;)
  2. i guess it also really depends on the texture as well~ i find that i had to work at my wine to get it smooshy~ but my seafoam just smooshed ever so naturally~
  3. This is a great thread. I just wear my bags to smoosh it. It works for Deep Red & Iris very well. With Scarlet, it is taking a lot of effort. The top refuse to smoosh down & it's all crumply uneven but I don't make a conscious effort to keep smooshing it smooth down. I cannot wait to break it in. I can already feel some very small parts softening but it will take a long time to soften the entire bag IMO. Desi's tips is good. I would probably do that when I switch out of Scarlet. :ty:
  4. line up the top and pull it down it will do it, to get that perfect nikki slouch then hang it on the door for a few nights with some stuff in it, it will break in, in no time!!
  5. Thanks for all the tips. I wore it just for a couple of days and it is getting more "trained".The strap is long enough for my taste. Amazing bag overall.
  6. I just got the full-sized Nikki in Navy! I :heart: her, and can't wait for her to re-shape since she is a *little* wide right now. How long did you wear Nikki before she became smooshier and more relaxed in shape?
    Should I just hug her sideways and see if that helps? lol :P
  7. Many ladies will tell you to hang your Nikki bag overnight or for a few days even. You could stuff your bag with shirts, or something that will give the bag shape, weigh her down a little. I have also heard that wrapping light weights up in shirts and hanging your Nikki will work.

    I've found this to work extremely well in breaking in my bags a little so they have some more of that slouch factor. It worked especially well for my Wine and Dark Grey Nikkis that are lightly glazed, slightly structured leathers when they are brand new and not yet broken in.
  8. I hang mine on my doorknob with all my stuff in it. At least for me, I think it takes about 2 weeks.
  9. psh... i know i would!

    haha jk.:P
  10. I always just wear my nikki as soon as I get it and they seem to break in beautifully!! :love: I can't wait to hear how yours breaks in. :graucho:
  11. I've been wearing my metallic blue mini nikki for a week straight and it is gorgeous and puddly... if thats even a word :lol:
  12. Sounds deelicious!! :P The only problem I find w/my super smooshy noir nikki is that it's hard to find my wallet at the bottom when I'm paying for something :Push: I think that only means one thing ... I need a bigger wallet!! :roflmfao:
  13. ^^LOL thats why i'm sticking to mini's!!! I use to lov ebig bags, but lately i've been really into oversized clutches, and small bags. I haven't been using my bigger bags as much- now the MAC and mini nikki's are my FAVE!!! Funny when i had a mini nikki 6 months ago i thought it was too small and let it go because i loved the regular nikki's- now its totally the opposite!! :rolleyes:
  14. ^^ That's why I love the MAC and Mini Nikki too!! :tup:
  15. ^^hehe now i really wish i went in on the wine mini nikki SO. I want a wine mac, wine mini nikki- and i just got an eggshell MAC but now that it doesn't have the adjustable chain i really want an eggshell mini nikki. I should have bid on the one on ebay :Push: