My Wine Nikki arrived- !? it's *ROCK* hard and stiff! r/o

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  1. #46 Sep 21, 2008
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2008
    Thanks, Jordan. They are Nikkis I once had and sold to two wonderful TPFers.
  2. Is the cloud grey leather just not very scrunchy or does it take a while to get it to look like that? Mine seems much stiffer.
  3. I think you have to "teach" your Nikki to fold over like that each time. It's tedious at first, but if you do it repeatedly with use, it'll start folding like that more naturally. Just use, use, and use your bag.
  4. I had the same problem with my wine nikki when I first got her. Now its been a month and I wear her pretty consistently. I wanted to speed up the breaking in process, so I hung her up with a more than average load overnight and in the morning she was so much more smooshy. I haven't heard any complaints about the cloud grey leather, I think it will just take a couple days of wearing her, you will start to see results immediately! Good Luck!
  5. You really just have to keep wearing it. Then it will begin to slouch naturally in relation to how it hangs against between your arm and body.
  6. i applegarded my nikki which softened the leather a lot. then i hung it on a door knob with a few pounds of hand weights inside and molded the shape to drape how i wanted it. i let it hang a few days and it definitely broke in after that. i've heard filling up the nikki with a 2-liter soda bottle, books or cans also works to break in the leather.
  7. Thanks for all of the great tips! I had it hanging for a couple of days and I've also just set it down smushed how I want it and it seems to be finally getting a lot softer.
  8. I put a 3 lb dumbell in my wine Nikki for a while and hung it. This was a suggestion of someone on the Forum, maybe Mockinglee, but I am sorry I truly can't remember who. But it worked perfectly. So like has been posted cans or something like that with a little weight would help to give it a slouchy look.

  9. when I first got my wine nikki, it was really stiff but I put some bananas inside and hung it on a doorknob. I didnt have weights so I had to use bananas!! :P It's really great now. Then I always close the bag and push it down the middle, when I wear it so I train the bag to go down and be more slouchy. It gets better everyday I use it!
  10. I got my wine nikki yesterday. It is lovely. the leather is quite smooth, not sure how much more breaking in it will do. However, i feel like I have to make an effort to smoosh it one way in order to wear it on my shoulder. Is it always the case or one day it will just naturally smoosh that way? How do you ladies smoosh your nikki so it looks nice?
    Any advice is appreciated!
  11. Did you get yours new or gently used? If new, it takes about two weeks to really break in. I just push it down in the middle. I notice that it smooshes down now by itself.
  12. Yes it was brand new. I cant smoosh it in the middle, it does not look good.. So I fold it outward...
  13. Ahhh. . yeah, it needs to break in more. With my Mini's I usually push the top so it faces outwards.
  14. I just got a sea green Nikki and it is already very smooshy. I find that it naturally folds and pushes itself outward when I pick it up. I think you can "train" yours to fall a certain way, and it will do that after a few weeks of use. Definitely carry it often!

    Do you find that the shoulder strap is a bit too short? I do. It does fit, but I would have loved an extra inch on the strap.
  15. I also just kind of gently smoosh down the top in the center right before throwing it on my shoulder. And sometimes I don't do anything and it lays that way on its own. Yes you can train it but it will take it a few weeks to "break-in".