My Wine Nikki arrived- !? it's *ROCK* hard and stiff! r/o

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  1. Hmmmm.......the Scarlett doesn't look as shiny, but experience tells me that looks can be deceiving.

    I don't mind breaking in bags at all. I guess I have to be patient (yuck, blech) and wait it out until someone can jump in here and give their opinion once they've seen and fondled the leather.

    Thanks for the explanation Littlerock. I appreciate it.
  2. Yeah, who knows what it will be like exactly.. Looks are deceiving quite often around here. Personally I really like the old sunshine leather and also don't mind breaking in bags.. I'm looking forward to the Scarlet leather no matter what it is like. Only time will tell!

    As for the difference in shininess that could be true or it could just be that one picture was taken by a professional photographer and the other was taken by one of our lovely tpfers..
  3. I love this kind of leather. It takes a bit to get it 'workable' but once you do, it just gets better and better with age. :tup:
  4. My Wine Nikki has different panels. 3 are already wringled/slouchy and 1 panel is smooth and stiff. Do you think that random panel will shape into a wrinkled panel to match the rest of the bag with some wear?
  5. ^^one of my panels are wrinkly and i've had mine for about a month or so now and i have used her everyday....the other panels havent gotten wrinkly at all yet! so i dont think it's gonna wrinkle...
  6. Does it drive you crazy that one doesn't match the other three? After some wear, is it harder to notice that one panel is different? I just received my bag and I'm not sure that I can forget about that mismatched panel. Ideally I'd like 4 matching panels but I'm torn. I don't know if that perfect bag even exists... What to do, what to do!
  7. ^^Honestly, when it's sitting in my passenger side of my car and i'm driving and i'm looking at it, it does bother me...but when i'm carrying it around, i can always put that wrinkly side towards me so people can't see it. but i dont think about it at all when i'm carrying it. When it's sitting out in the sunlight like in the car that's when it bugs me. I think if i had 3 wrinkly panels it would bother me a lot though...I've heard some stories about people returning their wine nikki's and them having to wait so long to get a new one or they will get a new one and it's still just never know because they are being shipped out to you and you can't pick it out yourself. in the end, i think if you are still thinking about it, it's definately bugging you!!
  8. Haha yes. Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a perfectionist and it's killing me!!!! LOL. The smooth panel is on the back of the bag so I could def wear it on the inside. My bag also has dark spots and scuffs on it- but I'm over that :smile: I just don't know if I should take the plunge and try to get another one and hope that it's the perfect fit.
  9. So I just got a new cloud grey Nikki and this is my first RM bag. I'm wondering how to "break in" the leather. What I really mean is how do I get the top of the bag to fold the right way so it's not up under my arm pit. On all the pictures on here everyone's looks so puddly and comfortable but mine is still a little stiff and straight up instead of slouchy.

    Any suggestions? Am I missing something?
  10. I have no suggestions on breaking it in, but would love to see a modeling pic!
  11. I'm working on the pic, I tried to take one this morning but it was too dark and really hard to see the color, I'm going to try again this afternoon!

    I have read a few threads on how some of the Nikkis are stiffer, and while mine isn't that stiff, I guess I'm not sure exactly how to fold it or whatever you want to call it to get it in the shape of most peoples which is how I want it.
  12. I think you just have to use, use, and use. If the fold bothers you, scrunch the top opening before wearing her.... or the more tedious/ better-looking approach is to fold it over. GL!
  13. How should it be folded? Just out towards my arm? Or in? I guess this is exactly what I'm asking... I'm new and don't want to do it wrong!
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    Hold the top of the Nikki entrance together (magnet closed), and fold in the same direction, over and "out towards your arm."

    There is not a wrong way to do the Nikki slouch! Like this...


  15. Thanks for the pics that is extremely helpful! Hopefully mine will look like that soon. Those are two beautiful bags crazy!