My Wine Nikki arrived- !? it's *ROCK* hard and stiff! r/o

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  1. [FONT=calibri,century gothic]Good afternoon ladies!

    So my Wine Nikki arrived today; I was expecting soft "smooshy" leather just as you all had described. But it was *rock hard* and *stiff*.... I couldn't arrange the leather at all...

    I have a Navy mini nikki (navy from last year), and a Cognac Nikki.

    Both leathers are right off the bat SO soft, the leather collapses in on itself, and it's EASY (takes no more than a split second) to "fold"/"push" the top part of the bag down this following manner:


    What I really liked about the Nikki is is exactly the above shape when I 'crush' it down like that.

    But the Wine, when I received it, was exactly the hardness and softness of... cardboard paper.

    Is this the way you all received your Nikki's at first? I am really hoping it softens up quickly!!!

    the whole entire appeal of the Nikki *for me* is to wear it looking EXACTLY like this:




    No matter how hard I try to arrange the leather (I don't 'smash' it or handle it roughly), the leather is so stiff and unmanipulate-able that it pretty much stays "fixed" in the following way:


    Which I *know* is the way so many of you ladies love it, but I'm a little concerned about the toughness of this leather.

    I have her bags in Royal blue, White w/ BW, Black, Navy, Cognac, Chocolate, Black, and ALL OF THEM collapse on top of themselves, very smooshy, like a puddle of water, EXCEPT

    for the ELEPHANT color (which I have in a Matinee), is very hard and stiff, like cardboard and absolutely PERFECT for the matinee shape.

    My Wine leather right now is JUST LIKE the Elephant leather in terms of stiffness and hardness.

    Did anyone experience this as well? How many months/weeks of wearing would it take to get it to look like this?



    Hehe... just sliiiiightly bummed (not disappointed, just concerned, worried) how long it would to break in the leather like the above pics... I waited over a month after placing the order (I know some of you waited even LONGER), after the bags were sold out for a very long time, and now I realize I have to put books in the bag and hang it on a hook for a few weeks before I can wear it out....;)

    (All images credited to lovely members of this forum)

    Thank you! Danke! Merci! Gratze :smile: :smile: :smile:
  2. Also, maybe a leather conditioner will help it become smooshier faster. Worth a try.
  3. I freaked out at first because the leather was so stiff and it felt so awkard on my shoulder but i carried it for a few days and now it feels wonderful, i love it , so give it some time !!, the color is gorgeous , i was afraid of a red bag but wow it's perfect and goes with everything , so elegant , oh my gosh i'm in love with my nikki:yahoo:
  4. If you love the color keep it. I felt like mine was really stiff and not for me, but I loved the color so much I decided to give it a chance. It has broken in so well, and is not quite like those pictures yet, but I have no doubt in my mind that it will get like that. Personally I'd keep it!!!
  5. I used to have that same brown RM Nikki you have pictured up there(didn't know it was called Cognac) last year - it was my first RM actually. I remember it being one of the softest leathers I've ever seen - not only soft, but thinner as well. I have the Matinee in Wine, which I bought brand new, and it was super-stiff when I got it. It has softened up quite a bit. Give it some time - the Wine leather will break in, and quite nicely. In fact, Rebecca said once in an interview that the best advice for care of her bags was to use it, since the leathers she uses only get better with age!
  6. Yes, this will definitely speed up the process of breaking them in! I do this all the time everytime I get a new bag.:yes:
  7. The wine leather is a bit stiffer at first but after you use it it turns butter soft.. just keep using it, it will go away!!!
  8. Also you could put some leather conditioner on it to soften it up and help break it in.
  9. I agree. Karenab suggested something heavy....I let mine hang off an ironing board for several hours with a 3 lb dumbbell (my smallest one). Then I put my regular stuff in it and let it hang out over night. I could see an improvement that quickly. Then I carried it for two days. Unfortunately I have bag ADD and started carrying my BBW MAM. Then my Hazelnut arrived and I was completely enamored with it for several days. Now I am bag to my :love: Jade Nikki.

    I thought I would carry it straight for a few weeks to break it in but I doubt I have the persistance to do I'm just being patient that if I carry it a couple of days a week hopefully it will break in before too long. At first I didn't believe it would ever become smooshy but then I saw Karenab's...I can't wait for my Wine Nikki to look like this!!

  10. This is a very reassuring thread! I was worried about my (basically brand new) violet mattie not being smooshy, but it sounds like she'll wear in with time. I had put her away until the fall, but I think I might bust her out... :graucho:
  11. when i got my wine nikki it was kind of hard...well it wasn't completely STIFF but it was "waxy" you know not like mushy at all..i took it out about 3 times and it was stuffed with a lot of my belongings and i have noticed it already getting smooshier. don't worry! it will definately get worn in very very quickly!
  12. Bust her out, woman! That is too gorgeous a bag to keep under wraps...but then again, if another TPFer sees you running around with a violet mattie, you might get tackled to the ground, hee hee... :P

  13. I received my Nikki mid-July. I've only given it a few breaks since then (I keep coming back to it!), but it's become SO MUCH squishier. I bought it from a fellow TPFer who only wore it once, so it had some significant breaking in to do! I'll admit I do enjoy the breaking in process since I wear it almost everyday, but I've helped it along by always being sure to squish the bag when it's chilling overnight. By squish, I mean I fold it into the bag I want it to become!

    Enjoy your bag! :tup: