My Wine MAM has FINALLY arrived! And I might...*gasp*...return it. :(

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  1. Now I see what all the hype is about. The leather on this baby is DIVINE! It's smooth and glossy, yet feels incredibly rich. Love it! But the wine color...although beautiful...I didn't realize there were variations in the color throughout the bag. I thought it would be the same color throughout. Plus I've been thinking how much I would realistically carry a wine colored bag and if it would justify the cost...aaaack!! It pains me to return such a beautiful rare purse, but if I am not going to wear it often enough, then it shouldn't matter, right?? (Please convince me I am doing the right thing!)

    But it did get me to thinking...maybe I should sell my black Balenciaga and buy a black MAM instead...hmmm...decisions decisions! My Bbag friends would probably kill me for even considering it, but that's how much I like the MAM!

    Here are some pics before I send it back....sniff sniff!!

  2. Oh no, send it back. It looks gorgeous on you. But if you are not going to use it, then it is the right choice.
  3. It looks horrible. Send it back!!!:devil:

    J/K lol I do want it however. It looks great on you! It's like such a nice wine color.
  4. That bag is so beautiful! Go with your gut, though! If you're not absolutely in love with it look for another bag that you'll adore. Cute outfit btw!
  5. Yes, send it back if you are not going to wear it often enough.
  6. hmm...i'm not sure i see the variation in the bag...but if you really cant stand it, send it back. its not worth paying full price for a bag that isnt perfect in your opinion.
  7. It looks really nice! Did you order it through Catalina? I thought it was final sale? :hrmm:
  8. sailornep i think the wine looks really really really good on you! There are about 50 gals on the forum that want this bag! I think you should keep it, but if you aren't going to use it, then send it back :smile:
  9. i think the bag looks awesome on you and you should keep it for a couple days. Its an amazing color. Maybe you will start to feel like you could use it more. It looks sooooo great on you I'd hate to see you return it. However, if after a couple days you really don't think you are going to use it then I guess it should go back...
  10. Girl, you done lost your MIND!:noggin:

    Ok, on a more serious note, if you don't see yourself wearing the bag then I agree you should send it back. However, I have got to remind you that this bag is TDF in all capacities; the most perfect shade of get-me-drunk red wine, and will add a beautiful pop of color to all of your outfits! :yes:

    This is a critical decision you are making!:police:

    PS: Where did you buy this bag from?
  11. I seriously think the Wine MAM looks amazing and its great on you! You should consider carefully before returning it! Let us know what's your decision in the end!
  12. I love that bag but if you don't think you will really use it maybe put the money toward one you will love:heart:.
    On the Balenciaga note, I sold my black first and ordered a RM bag from Bloomies. When it got here it was a black Matinee and it was love at first touch. I don't miss my first at all when I look at all that yummy midnight RM leather (also it is much more user friendly). JMHO:girlsigh:
  13. It is a pretty color and looks great but if you know you are not going to get good use of it, send it back. I feel the same way, I want a Wine but not really sure if I would like it enough to keep too! Black is always the best bet for us non-color girls!
  14. I'm going to go with everybody else and say take a few days to think about it if you absolutely love it. Like Gung says it adds a pop of color to your outfits. My staple outfit is a pair of jeans, white blouse, and heels and my Matinee is just the pretty addition with that. Its also great with all shades of browns, dark greens and so on.
  15. It is a great color, I want that bag soooo much, if you decided to return it, please consider selling it to me, I am currently on waitlist for it, feel free to email me @ singh dot sav @