My wine angel purse arrived!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Well, it's here. The angel purse is just perfect, exactly what I've been searching for. I wanted a cute smaller wallet that I could just carry my cell phone, money and a couple cards. It totally fit's the bill!!!!

    The color wine, is absolutely stunning. I can't stop admiring it! Now, I really must have a wine BE handbag. Oh my!
  2. Sounds so pretty! You have to post pictures, pretty please? :yes:
  3. Glad to hear you are delighted. Delight is a good thing! Enjoy!
  4. It sounds gorgeous...are you going to post any pics so we can 'ooh and aah' over it?:yes:
  5. Pics, pics! :popcorn:
  6. pics?
  7. Hi ladies,

    I want to post pics too, but I have no idea how. Maybe at some point, I'll look into.

    It's just gorgeous. The pictures of wine on the website, don't do it justice whatsoever. I was worried there would be "pinkish" undertones. This is the type of color thats a neutral and will go with all my favorite colors I wear. Even Jackie mentioned the only color she wouldn't wear with wine would be some shades of red. I agree.

    This color is incredibly elegant and sophisticated. I can't wait to get my SM in wine to match! I hope Jackie comes thru for me just one more time! I'll keep everyone posted.
  8. sounds great but you should post some pics!!